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Alcatel-Lucent Testimonial: Jive Social Intranet Transforms Collaboration at Global Telco

Thomas Kallstenius describes how a Jive-n social intranet drives collaboration and communication at global telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent.


My name is Thomas Kallstenius and I work for a company called Alcatel-Lucent. We are fundamentally a communication and networking company, working with different aspects of communication on top of our network gear. We use Jive every day. We are 53,000 users on Jive today in my company. So we’re heavy users and it has really transformed the way we work. In the past we had things like SharePoint and distributed things. Now everyone is on Jive and we use it for all types of products, communication, for documents and everything. So the entire company has teamed up behind Jive.

Why social makes sense to Alcatel-Lucent I think is, first and foremost, most of us are working with social media in private. So we wanted to bring this into the business context, but we didn’t know how. We tried a few things but then Jive came around and we realized this is the way to do it. And now we have one platform to do everything on, because in the past we had a few things separate, but now we have one platform which everyone is working on. And it has changed the way we work, you know, how we make decisions, how we we work more as peers rather than in silos, so it has really been a change for the entire company.