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GE Healthcare Testimonial Video

Jeff Murnan describes the night-and-day difference Jive-n and Jive-x made at GE Healthcare, from fragmentation and disconnection to unified collaboration, easy information access and global cohesion — not only internally, but also externally, with customers.

GE Healthcare Testimonial Transcript

Before we got Jive, we had kind of a multitude of different tools that we used. We had a lot of email communication, which we all know is pretty inefficient, and when we brought Jive in, it totally changed the game for us. We were able to easily find each other, find expertise, find people from all across the world and connect them for the first time. Our CEO is on there. He’s putting out his information about what’s going on in the organization, org updates. All of that’s searchable now. All of it’s so easy to find. Our employees in the past were having such a hard time even understanding what was going on in the organization, let alone feeling like they were a part of it.

We have a global organization of consultants that are spread across the entire world. These are the true road warriors. These people are on the road all the time and they don’t have time to check into a clunky system to find what they need. With Jive we have a solutions hub, where you literally go there, you’re able to find all the different templates and things that we have available for them. And you’re also able to ask the community questions. And it’s amazing what you’ll see there. You’ll see questions about, “have you ever dealt with something like this before and in a hospital setting?” And then they come back to us, and somebody from a complete different part of the world answers back. It’s truly powerful in the amount of global connections that its built for us.

And we’ve been trying to make our lives simpler inside of the GE world. And what we’ve done is we’ve used the ideation module within Jive. That allows us to crowdsource ideas, vote them up and really bubble up the best ones to the top so that our senior leaders can take that and put action to it, and make a real change in our organization. And that’s been huge for us. So we’ve gained a lot of experience with Jive internally, and one use case that we were really struggling with is, “how do we better serve our customers online?” And we thought Jive would be the perfect fit. What we’ve done is we’ve completely consolidated many different, disparate customer systems. Imagine going to a particular site and seeing a totally different experience every time you switch to a different application. Now we have it all unified within Jive. It allows us to not only post our documentation so that they can easily pull it, but also ask each other questions and create a sense of community around our customers. We’re able to reduce the amount of calls that come into our call center and we’re able to divide our customers in the process.

Jive has truly transformed the way that we work. From finding each other, to finding information, to just getting our work done. It’s been instrumental in helping us get to where we want to be as an organization. And on our customer side, it’s been a huge delighter. We get feedback in droves from our customers telling us, “wow, this is so much easier to use. I’m able to find what I am looking for, and I would come back.” Those types of things that we hear truly have validated to us how important Jive is to our organization, and how great of a partnership it is for us.