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The Information Wilderness: Hidden Community Forums

Why make your customers’ support journey harder than it has to be? See how an active customer community with quality content can help build loyalty.

When a customer comes to your site for support, they want easy answers—and coming up empty handed? That’s pretty frustrating. Learn why it’s important to build a prominent customer community that provides a strong knowledge base and authentic dialogue.

In their support journey, customers are often forced to choose a path—either slog through a quagmire of community forums or slice through a tangle of self-service options. There’s a better way. With Jive-x, you can foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

Want to learn more? Check out the “Surviving the Information Wilderness” Infographic.

Video Deep Dive with Billy Volpone

Problem: Hidden Community. Jive-x – ‘Surviving the Information Wilderness’


So, if you’re trying to learn about something, a customer or their products, and there really isn’t any kind of existing knowledge base or community, it can be really difficult. You’re not quite sure where to pull the truth, where to get the information, where to not only understand what the core capabilities of any kind of product or service are, but also what people feel about it, and what that product does in action and how it can effect or change the way that you work or your life.

So, a community and a really strong knowledge base can provide that.
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Billy Volpone
Senior Sales Engineer
Jive Software

Create deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

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