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Schneider Electric Testimonial Video

Todd Moran describes how Jive-n and Jive-x have replaced dozens of fragmented systems and energized employee collaboration, partner engagement and customer service.

Schneider Electric Testimonial

Schneider Electric is a large firm: we’re 140,000 people strong and we are the global specialists in energy. We use Jive both internally and externally. Internally we have “Fuse” [Schneider’s name for their internal Jive instance], and it’s truly a transformer of technology for our company. It touches almost all aspects of our business, [from] HR to project execution on the professional delivery side, to product development and ideation that we do internally across the company, all the way out to sales enablement and the external side working with the partners. We took a landscape that was 25 disparate, siloed systems of record on the corporate side and collapsed that down to a handful with Jive at the center of all that. And that’s made a huge impact in terms of our bottom line, allowing our teams to collaborate and share information at an incredibly rapid pace and efficient manner. And one of the big things is collapsing the hierarchies, now being able to connect that frontline worker directly all the way up to the C-suite levels, is a pretty powerful piece of what Jive brings to our business every day.

One of the great features that we really like about Jive is Jive Present. It’s their sales enablement tool that runs on the iPad and allows us to equip our reps in the field with exactly what they need, when they need it, and they never have to go looking for that deck, or that presentation or that piece of collateral. It’s always available for them, simply a finger swipe away. We decided to take the path to cloud. That allowed us to get up and running in an incredibly quick manner, and one of the huge benefits from our side is getting the quarterly releases. Those are pushed automatically to us, so we get to take advantage of some of the latest and greatest technology without having to wait. It was a real natural extension for us to move from Jive on the internal side to taking that externally with our customers and our partners.

So we’ve spun up in the last month an external system branded “Exchange”: our Jive-powered community for our customers, for our clients, prospective customers and partners. And all that begins with, again, a consolidation of, say, in this case, eight disparate, siloed web assets that we presented to the customer, now collapsed down into one: one community built on personalization, 24/7, 365 access, and it’s all about interactivity. And that’s Jive at the heart of it. So much of what Jive brings to the table for us is around customer support and call deflection, allowing the community itself to answer their questions and reduce the caseload on our customer support personnel. From the partner perspective it allows those folks to sell in-country in an incredibly effective manner because they’re all connected inside the community. Events, education: All that happens directly inside the community. So it’s really a one-stop-shop for everything that we do on the outside.

Jive for us has become the new normal. We talk about connecting and engaging with clients, and prospective customers, and partners, but also how we fuel our internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do every day. It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like on the business side without Jive.