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T-Mobile Testimonial: Jive Customer Service Community, and Social Intranet - Will Rose

Knowledgebase management for customer service; Better collaboration for teams, like HR, Marketing, and even Legal.

Hear how Jive became the engine of customer support and service at T-Mobile, replacing multiple systems including SharePoint and Yammer. Internally, Jive-n is T-Mobile’s central knowledge source for customer service and sales. Externally, Jive-x powers T-Mobile’s online customer community.

T Mobile: Will Rose Transcript

I’m Will Rose, I’m the Enterprise Community Manager at T-Mobile. We have 40,000 internal employees, 60,000 in total, with our partners included, [all] using Jive to support our customers both internally, over the phone and in our stores, as well as on our website, T-Mobile been using Jive for going on two years. The main business problem that we were trying to solve at T-Mobile was trying to keep up with the pace of changing technology in that mobile communication space. We have new phones coming out all the time; Android, Windows Mobile, now Windows phones, Blackberry; all these different manufacturers and different platforms that are ever- changing. It was difficult for us to keep up from a content perspective. When we first looked at Jive, we had about 15 different systems where we were managing our knowledge. Different departments  using different tools to store documents [and] articles that supported their different lines of business. Jive has really allowed us to consolidate all of those different systems and tools down into a single platform that we use to manage our intranet. It’s our primary knowledge source used across the company, from the frontline customer service and sales to our marketing teams.

When we first started looking at social tools, we had about three or four vendors in mind. We had, as  I said before, 15 different platforms internally we were using. Externally, we currently have three different platforms. One to host videos, one to host our documentation and one to do more of a traditional forum. We wanted to combine all of those into a single platform that we could use. Jive was that platform, one that could actually handle all those different content [types] and do it in a very effective manner.

We have other tools, Yammer comes to mind. Nobody really used it. It had low adoption. I don't think people a saw the value in it, just being a separate tool, yet another thing that they would have to use.
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Will Rose
Enterprise Community Manager

One of the systems we were able to replace with Jive was SharePoint. We had a lot of our different tracking systems, forms that people would fill out for intake requests and change requests. We also used it as a document sharing platform,  version control, things of that nature. We found that we could use Jive to replace all of that. And most of our teams within customer service and sales are now exclusively using Jive and no longer use SharePoint.

The two primary teams that use Jive are our customer service organization, both of our support teams as well as our front line. And the same goes for our sales organization within our stores, and our partners.  Other teams such as HR, legal [and] marketing [are] all on board. They are all using Jive to collaborate and really get the most out of the platform, sharing ideas, sharing their documentation. From a customer service perspective, we were able to impact a lot of the different metrics after we implemented Jive. Things like customer handle times on our phones. Lowering the time that it takes for a representative to locate information and provide that answer to a customer has really improved the bottom line in our business. It’s improved our agent satisfaction because they were not able to find information across all the tools that we had before. Now, having all the information in a single place really makes them more efficient. They can also collaborate with each other, sharing  information that we didn’t publish ourselves as part of a product launch. For example, they can ask questions and they can share these different answers with their own experience to help each other out. And they really enjoy it. If  you took Jive away, really our customer service agents, our sales agents and our customers online would be left with no resource for knowledge, collaboration or idea sharing. It would really be of significant impact to the company. People would go crazy, we might as well not even take calls.