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Thomson Reuters: Jive is the Hub for 60,000 Employees

For tens of thousands of employees in over 100 countries, Jive is the hub of connection, communication and collaboration.

VP of Communications Platforms Tim Wike describes how Thomson Reuters replaced dozens of disjointed systems with a single Jive-powered system for company communications, collaboration and employee engagement. Adoption quickly hit 100 percent of the company’s global workforce. Today “it’s the place where everybody goes to find each other, work with each other and the way we communicate to all of our employees.”


Our instance of Jive at Thomson Reuters is called the Hub because it’s the place that everybody goes to find each other, work with each other, and the way that we communicate to all of our employees. We have 60,000 employees in over 100 countries, so having a central hub is so important to being able to work with each other globally. When we introduced Jive at Thomson Reuters, our intention was to consolidate almost 35 other platforms into one place to go. We had document collaboration systems, document management tools, blogs, wikis, portals, Yammer, SharePoint. A lot of those systems have been closed down as we moved into one single Jive instance.

Our adoption rate of Jive at Thomson Reuters was very rapid. We reached 100% adoption within the first three months. We still now, four years later, have 98% of our employees using Jive every day. So our Jive instance at Thomson Reuters integrates with LDAP for employee information, direct from HR systems, so employees have the most up-to-date information about each other. We also integrate with Cisco. We’re a very large WebEx user, and so now all of our employees are able to start and join WebEx meetings directly from the profiles within Jive.

One of the biggest success stories we’ve had with Jive is just the fact that it’s become the default place to go to get work done. Whether you’re looking for somebody or something, or a piece of content, everybody now goes immediately to the Hub. The Hub, which is our instance of Jive, gives our employees a voice. So it’s our ability to listen to what they’re saying and have our leadership respond to the way that our employees feel about working at Thomson Reuters. It’s a huge sense of achievement to see that people are actually being able to make a difference in the way that they work with each other across the countries, and across the regions that we work in, across the businesses, just by having Jive at their fingertips.