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Jive is Agile Collaboration

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Jive Interactive Intranet

Financial Services Software

The financial sector is changing, and so are customers’ expectations. Financial services companies must become more agile, innovative, collaborative and customer-centric. At the same time they’ve got to meet ever-higher standards of accountability and compliance.

Jive's financial services software can help you meet the challenge and gain a real competitive advantage with a highly secure communication and collaboration hub. It’s a turnkey platform for creating a nimble, innovative, digitally optimized financial services organization. Want to build a highly responsive, customer-centric workforce? Ensure strategic alignment across your locations and teams? Fuel better knowledge-sharing, cross-functional collaboration and productivity? Attract and retain top talent? Reduce operating costs while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements? Jive helps you solve your biggest challenges.

Drive financial services transformation

  • Align your workforce

    Jive brings corporate and executive communications to life, delivering compelling company news that everyone sees and engages with. It goes beyond top-down communications, igniting company-wide dialogue that gets everybody on board.

  • Leverage your intellectual capital

    Capture, share and capitalize on expertise, business intelligence, best practices and great ideas across functions and geographies. Build permanent institutional memory that’s visible, searchable and re-usable.

  • Topple silos

    Jive turns disconnected financial services companies into cohesive teams where all employees understand and contribute to the company's mission.

  • Stop "shadow IT"

    With one secure, easy-to-use hub connecting people, information and systems, employees don't need to turn to unauthorized apps.

  • Fully mobile

    Jive's powerful-yet-simple mobile experience enables employees to stay in sync, communicate and collaborate securely on the go.

  • Slash costs, improve efficiencies

    Streamline processes. Consolidate systems. Reduce infrastructure costs. Deflect support tickets with self-help and peer assistance.

  • Win the talent wars

    Accelerate onboarding and drive continuous learning and high engagement across the entire employee journey. Foster greater job satisfaction that helps attract, develop and retain great talent.

  • Enterprise-grade

    Jive meets stringent financial services standards for security, compliance, privacy and governance. It’s available in on-premises, hosted and cloud-based deployment options.

Financial Services Software Features and Capabilities

  • Complete digital workplace and interactive intranet: comprehensive communications, collaboration, company directory, and more.
  • Collaboration at every level: within teams and departments, across functional groups and ecosystems–including partners and contractors.
  • High-impact communications: beautiful news page and personalized streams deliver corporate communications in a can’t-miss, must-read layout.
  • Totally mobile: secure consumer-style mobile app keeps employees connected and productive everywhere — including deskless workers.
  • Pre-built pages for employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR portal, IT help desk and more; streamlined administration.
  • Smart enterprise search and intelligent recommendations based on social graph.
  • Secure collaboration with outside contributors including partners, contractors and customers; public, private and secret group.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations for external systems: SAML/SSO; Active Directory/LDAP; Microsoft Office 365; Outlook, Office and SharePoint 2013; Google for Work; Cisco WebEx and Jabber; and Dropbox; Salesforce; and Jira.
  • Secure and compliant: meets stringent standards for security, privacy, records retention, and more. ISO 27001:2013 certified.
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