Modernize Your Intranet

Simplify your IT landscape with a secure intranet and collaboration platform that unites your systems and delights your users.

Fewer Tickets. Happier Users. Faster Transformation.

Whether you’re replacing an outdated intranet or adding a digital hub to connect your employees, Jive provides a turnkey, out-of-the-box solution with best-in-class capabilities for communication and collaboration. It brings your people and systems together to accelerate innovation and transformation across the enterprise.

Drive Employee Productivity And Reduce Operating Costs

Jive creates a single point of access for employees to collaborate and communicate, wherever they are and however they prefer to work. It delivers big improvements in productivity, provides a deeply engaging consumer-style experience that drives adoption and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and apps.

With Jive, IT departments can also reduce costs significantly. Easy configuration, simple administration, automatic upgrades via the cloud, reduced training costs and fewer help desk tickets (for all of IT, thanks to the virtual help desk) can translate to millions of dollars in savings.

Companies using a Jive interactive intranet achieve results like:

  • 17% fewer employee support tickets
  • 83% daily active user rate – an industry best
  • 15% increase in employee productivity
  1. “With Jive, you get the best of both worlds: the industry-leading collaboration platform, plus the ability to integrate all the other tools, products and services that you need.”

    Major financial services firm
  2. “Jive did everything we needed, virtually out of the box. Training is really light. Because it’s cloud-based we were able to deploy it to all of our 250,000 users in one email. It happened overnight and we did it on time and on budget.”

    Leading hotel and resort chain
  3. “Everybody can meet everybody and initiate any kind of communication, collaboration – whatever you want – on the same platform in real time, and whatever is created there is available for everybody else.”

    Global insurance company

Accelerate Transformation With A Next-Gen Digital Workplace

Make it easy for your organization to find, share and collaborate on the next breakthrough idea. Jive connects formerly disconnected systems and scattered information in one cohesive environment.


Replace rogue consumer apps and shadow IT with a highly secure system built for the enterprise.


Pre-built connectors for SAML/SSO, Active Directory/LDAP, MS O365, Google, Salesforce, Jira and other systems.

Office 365

Boost your Microsoft ROI by bringing unified collaboration to Office 365 and SharePoint. 


Give employees an intranet they’ll actually like, boosting adoption and ROI.

Help Desk

Use Jive’s pre-built virtual help desk to deflect tickets through self-service and peer support.

Easy Admin

Enable business users to set up and manage their own spaces without any IT help or resources.


Find people, places and content with precise, personalized results based on Jive PeopleGraph technology.


Keep employees connected and productive on the go with a compelling mobile experience.


Get unprecedented visibility into processes, interactions and engagement.

Pre-Built Spaces

Leverage pre-built spaces for use cases like employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR portal, IT help desk and more.


Trust enterprise-grade security, including ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II certification.


Choose from cloud or on-premises deployment options.

How IT Can Unite People, Information And Systems

Learn how to build a digital workplace that simplifies life for employees and for your IT department.

The Jive Advantage

What makes Jive different from other collaboration platforms? Six elements that we call The Jive Advantage. 

The highest adoption of any product on the market

The industry’s most powerful search engine

The easiest to use platform for admins and users

The scalable intranet you’ll never outgrow

The single, secure hub to unite your systems

The global leader that delivers innovation and experience

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