Jive Platform

Whether you’re a global enterprise driving digital transformation or a fast-growing company launching your first intranet, the Jive platform is for you. It’s secure, highly scalable and feature-packed, yet surprisingly simple, quick and cost-effective to set up and use.

Turnkey Package

We’ve included everything you need, right out of the box. No expensive customization is required. You can configure and launch a branded intranet and collaboration hub in just days or weeks. Manage and grow it with little or no burden on IT. Reap immediate value and ROI.

Pre-Built Sites And Pages

Choose from beautiful, ready-to-use pages and sites for key processes like employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR Portal, IT Help Desk and more. 

Cloud Or On-Premises Deployment

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of the cloud (leveraging world-class Amazon Web Services) or the control and customizability of on-premises deployment, we’ve got you covered.

Streamlined Administration

Administration is simpler than ever, with a minimalist console that lets you handle the most common tasks without getting lost in the details. Just click to access more advanced functions.

World-Class Services

Need assistance launching a new Jive instance or optimizing and existing one? Our A-List Community Services package provides the detailed analysis and guidance you need to drive continuous improvements in adoption, engagement and business outcomes. Learn more about A-List.

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Integrated Hub

Unite your teams and simplify your IT landscape. Jive brings disconnected tools and systems into one integrated digital workplace, unleashing high-performance collaboration while reducing operating costs.

Centralized Collaboration

Pull information, conversations and activity from external systems into one organized space where everything is easy to access, share and work on together.

Sync Across Apps

Whether you work in Jive or external systems, Jive’s bidirectional integrations keep content, comments and activity consistent and up to date across all platforms.

Federated Search

No more scavenger hunts across disconnected systems. Find anything in Jive or connected systems with one federated search.

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Mobile Intranet App

Your Jive intranet and collaboration platform goes wherever you go. With the powerful yet simple Jive Daily mobile app, you can tap the full power of Jive anytime and anywhere – from your favorite mobile device.


Stay up to the minute on the latest company news, announcements and executive communications. Targeted news streams deliver only what matters to you.


Manage all your communications in one inbox. Read and respond to messages, view notifications, stay updated on people and content you follow. 

People Directory

Find colleagues in seconds with rich profiles that include people’s skills, recent activity and content, even their place in the company org chart.


Create and share docs, blogs, photos, videos and other content. Confer with colleagues, comment and discuss – all from your smartphone.

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Personalized Experiences

One size doesn’t fit all. Every employee’s needs are different. That’s why Jive adapts to individual work patterns and preferences, providing personalized experiences that help each user cut to right to the chase and achieve their goals sooner.


Jive’s groundbreaking PeopleGraph technology maps relationships among people, content and activities across your digital ecosystem. This deep insight is used to anticipate users’ needs and deliver tailored search results, recommendations, information streams and other services.

Recommendation Engine

Jive recommends experts and documents in real time as employees work. It’s like having a really smart digital assistant.

Personalized Search

Jive’s PeopleGraph-powered search engine goes beyond keywords to understand the actual intent of each search and deliver highly relevant results.

Security, Privacy, Availability

Major global companies, financial institutions, healthcare systems and government agencies trust Jive to meet the highest standards of security, privacy and reliability. Jive combines best-of-breed technology, a highly trained and experienced staff, compliance with strict industry standards and the flexibility to meet stringent customer requirements.

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