Create a Google-Integrated Intranet

Using Jive’s integration you can bring Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations into an open, collaborative intranet, where everything is easy to find, share and work with.

Create and Render

  • Create documents in Google Drive and have them appear in the connected Jive place
  • Create docs in Jive, and store them in Google Drive
  • Render Google Docs in Jive in read-only mode, allowing Jive actions such as Like, Share, Bookmark, Mark as helpful
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in editing mode supporting full Google Doc capabilities including concurrent authoring of content
  • Apply structured outcomes, create threaded comments, and follow
  • View Impact Metrics

Search and Notifications

  • Search for Google docs in Jive, utilizing full indexed search of document content
  • Get push notifications on new documents and document changes in the connected place activity feed
  • Sync Jive comments on a Google Doc with document-level comments within Google Drive/Doc
  • Selectively enable bidirectional sync that pushes content-highlighted comments in Google Docs into the comment thread of the document in Jive

Integrate today.

Extend your Jive intranet and collaboration hub by integrating it with your existing apps and systems. We’ve got out-of-the-box, ready-to-use integrations for every need.



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