Intuitive, Personalized And Secure Communication

With rapid shifts in care delivery, reimbursement and patient expectations, it’s more critical than ever for healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently. Jive simplifies providers’ lives with a single healthcare platform for secure collaboration and organizational communications that your employees will actually use.

Break Down The Obstacles To Value-Based Care 

Improve the patient experience

Empower primary care physicians, specialists, nurses and other healthcare team members to collaborate securely – in real time and on their own time. Bring together all your people, content, conversations and assets in one accessible, easy-to-use digital workplace.

Increase provider productivity

Empower physicians with one-to-many support, easy-to-use self-help resources and peer assistance to take a huge burden off support staff, resolve issues faster and drive greater employee satisfaction.

Simplify internal communications

Cut through the noise to deliver critical communications to physicians and other staff, no matter how many hospital systems they’re affiliated with. Deliver personalized, highly relevant communications that employees readily consume.

Unlock knowledge and expertise

Get vital knowledge out of silos and into an open environment for sharing and discovery. Turn collective wisdom into permanent institutional memory that’s visible, searchable and reusable.

Drive alignment across merged health systems

Provide a central environment for integrating organizations during and following mergers and acquisitions. Give staff one place where everyone can come together to forge a common culture and sense of mission, share knowledge and mesh practices and processes.

Accelerate onboarding

Provide an immersive introduction to colleagues, organizational culture, procedures and practices. New hires can plug into their teams and departments, meet their teammates, get guidance and mentoring and start contributing immediately.

Unleash learning and education

Provide on-demand educational resources and learning in the flow of work. Engaging, intuitive experiences and anytime/anywhere mobile and desktop access ensure high participation rates.

Empower departments

Create complete, secure, state-of-the-art, mobile-ready portals to inform, support and enable departmental staff. Use Jive’s pre-built pages and templates to quickly configure and launch portals without IT help.

There’s a lot of pressure to deliver better care while controlling costs. To do that, we need to harness all the knowledge and expertise that’s available within our organization. And Jive is really the key to making that happen.

Cleveland Clinic

In the short year that we’ve had Jive we’ve seen our employees connect, communicate and collaborate in ways we never thought possible.

Spectrum Health

Clinicians are coming together by the thousands to collaborate in Jive.

U.S. Veterans Health Administration

Cleveland Clinic Learns Faster, Works Smarter With A Digital Knowledge And Collaboration Hub

Hear how a world-class healthcare organization has unleashed learning, collaboration and knowledge-sharing with a Jive-powered hub called Connect Today.

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Improve Productivity, Engagement And Patient Outcomes

By connecting physicians across the healthcare ecosystem, Jive not only benefits internal teams – it creates a foundation for a better patient experience. 


Full HIPAA support and ISO 27001:2013 certification.


Stay in touch with a consumer-grade mobile experience built for providers on-the-go.


Integrates with your existing clinical information systems, real-time messaging apps and more.

Internal Comms

Keep clinicians informed and aligned with engaging news pages, blogs and announcements. 


Find answers to frequently asked questions and interact with knowledge base documents quickly and in real time.


Enable clinicians to search for, ask and answer questions from their peers. 


Provide rich educational resources that fit physicians’ busy schedules.


Create private groups where clinicians can share best practices and coordinate patient care.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

We’ve got your back every step of the way!

Is Jive a secure platform for healthcare coordination?

Yes. Jive’s secure healthcare collaboration software simplifies critical communications for healthcare businesses. Our HIPAA compliant platform offers secure collaboration and eHealth record (EHR) support.

Is Jive GDPR compliant?

Yes. Jive offers privacy and security protections on our products and services that comply with General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Jive’s interactive intranet platform offers GDPR-compliant functionality in both its cloud-hosted and on-premise software deployments.

Is Jive GLBA Compliant?

Yes. Jive is fully compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). The protection of customers’ private information is our highest priority.

Does Jive offer HIPAA compliant communication?

Yes, Jive is 100% Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. We provide information technology solutions for HIPAA-Covered Entities.