Drawing on Jive’s deep experience helping thousands of organizations, our turnkey industry solutions are designed to solve the unique communication and collaboration challenges of sectors such as healthcare, government and financial services. Each solution combines the specific features, integrations, services and baked-in best practices needed to deliver immediate value while meeting key regulatory requirements.

Jive maintains a multi-layered security program to protect confidential business information. Contact us to learn more about our security architecture in detail.


Jive simplifies clinicians’ lives with a single easy-to-use platform for secure HIPAA-compliant collaboration, internal communications and eHealth record (EHR) support.


Jive’s highly secure communication and collaboration hub improves both the quality and the timeliness of agency work, while delivering new efficiencies and substantial cost savings.

Financial Services

Jive’s next-gen intranet and collaboration platform aligns your workforce, fuels innovation and drives agility – while cutting costs and improving security and compliance.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is meant by machine intelligence?

Machine intelligence refers to automated processes that extract various kinds of data, which is then used to guide actions. Jive intranet software is powered by machine intelligence. Machine intelligence will help your business improve employee engagement and boost everyone’s productivity by bringing people, content and resources together in one digital workspace.

Can AI learn on its own?

Yes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn on its own based on its experience. For example, the AI-driven workplace collaboration software we provide at Jive automatically knows how your employees work by learning their patterns. It then uses this intelligence to proactively connect them with the content and collaborators that will help them get work done faster.

Where is machine learning used?

Everywhere! Businesses are proactively using tools powered by AI and machine learning to increase productivity and growth. At Jive, we use machine learning to deliver personalized experiences and relevant content to users. Our business collaboration tools understand people based on user behaviors, job roles, interactions and skill sets. From there, JIve uses the information to help them find the right people, content and information.

Is AI a security threat?

At Jive, we offer an AI-powered enterprise collaboration platform to help businesses drive their employee engagement and productivity. Our collaborative enterprise solutions meet rigorous data protection standards with automated antivirus functionality that exceeds even the most stringent international requirements for security assurance, confidentiality and privacy.