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Bridge your IT infrastructure and power cohesive collaboration across your key systems and apps. Our ready-made integrations with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and other leading systems bring content and conversations into Jive, where everything is easy to find, access and work with. Our deep integrations provide full bi-directional functionality so you can work in you favorite apps and tools while Jive keeps everything in sync.

411 Labs InSite for Jive

Site-wide Jive analytics and tools to automate community manager tasks and communicate with Jive users.

Box External Storage

Use Jive’s Box integration to quickly and easily share and collaborate on files in Jive.

Skyhigh Data Loss Prevention

Skyhigh for Jive enables users to protect and securely store data.

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls Integration

Create rich, engaging surveys, feedback forms, polls and quizzes for your Jive Intranet.

TemboSocial Employee

TemboSocial offers customers of all sizes a deeply integrated recognition program inside of Jive.


Integrate Gmail with your Jive intranet, providing the social context and connectivity that email lacks.

Google Docs Integration

Create docs in Jive and store them in Google, or create docs in Google and share them in Jive.

Google Drive Integration

Add Google’s cloud-based content-sharing to Jive intranets.

Jive Office Connector

Turn Microsoft Office into a synchronous document collaboration platform.

SalesForce Opportunities and Chatter Connector

Simplify sales collaboration by bringing SalesForce data into Jive.

Microsoft SharePoint

Combine the document management capabilities of SharePoint with the frictionless collaboration of Jive.

SmarterPath Knowledge Base Software Integration

SmarterPath embeds Social Learning directly into the Jive user experience.

Diagramming App

Lucidchart provides collaborative diagramming, making it easy to draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more.

Skype for Business (Lync) Integration

Launch Skype chat and conferencing sessions directly from Jive.

Microsoft Office 365

Unify the Office 365 user experience by providing a single place to collaborate on O365 content no matter where it’s stored.

Microsoft Outlook

Stay connected and participate in your Jive intranet even while working in Outlook: access people and information, take part in discussions and more – all from your inbox.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access OWA Integration

View Jive blog posts and social profiles, create threaded discussions, upload file attachment and more – all from Outlook Web Access.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What if my company uses Lucidchart Diagramming App?

Jive offers powerful integrations with Lucidchart. Create unique visuals—such as flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more—to organize your people, information and processes. Drive better decisions in every area of your business. Jive’s internal communications intranet will help keep everything consistent and up to date across the platform.