Jive’s PeopleGraph™ Knows Your Team Better Than They Know Themselves

PeopleGraph™ understands your people – their jobs, their skills, their needs – and uses that intelligence to deliver the information they need, exactly when they need it.



Drive communications in every direction: top-down, bottom-up, peer-to-peer. Our groundbreaking PeopleGraph™ technology maps relationships among your team members to help facilitate seamless and effective communication, no matter what.


Deliver compelling, personalized news streams on mobile and desktop devices. People can respond, comment and share, sparking authentic dialogue that gets everyone on board.


Upload, tag and share high-quality videos – your own, as well as videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other services. You can embed videos in blogs, discussions, status updates and other content, too. Learn more


Give executives and employees a platform to share ideas, inspire and inform with easy-to-publish, media-rich blogs.

Urgent Notifications

Broadcast time-critical communications via  high-visibility channels such as text and voice – right from Jive.


Manage all your communications and conversations, including email and notifications from external systems, in one place. 



Jive’s PeopleGraph™ throws people-centric collaboration into hyperdrive. It brings all the pieces – people, content and resources – together in central, organized spaces to keep collaboration fast and frictionless.

Spaces And Groups

Quickly set up and launch collaborative spaces and groups tailored to your teams, departments and communities of practice. No IT help required.


Jointly create, comment on and revise rich wiki-style documents. Jive keeps all drafts and authors in sync.

Outside Collaborators

Work directly with outside partners, contractors and agencies, with complete security and privacy.  

Task Management

Go straight from talk to action. Assign to-dos, track outcomes and ensure follow-through.

File Sharing

Make all your files easy to find and work with. Share, preview, download, comment and follow. Version control is built in.


Ask and answer questions, strategize and make decisions, without the time sink of meetings, email and conference calls.


Schedule and coordinate company events. Send invitations, collect RSVPs, manage attendance and more – without email. Learn more


Survey your colleagues, get fast answers and take the pulse of your organization with easy-to-publish polls.



Turn a dispersed organization into a close-knit community. PeopleGraph™ understands the intricacies of ongoing projects at your organization and automatically recommends relevant subject experts for your employees to talk to.


Jive is the ultimate corporate directory: quickly identify experts, locate potential collaborators and learn all about colleagues, including their skills, endorsements and mutual connections.

Social Networking

Liking, following, @mentions, activity streams, status updates and real-time notifications help users make rapid connections and stay updated on what matters.

User Sync

Build the ultimate employee directory by importing information from external personnel systems into Jive. Learn more



PeopleGraph™ brings Google-like search to your organization’s information architecture. It doesn’t just help users find things they’re searching for; it understands their search intent and helps them discover critical information and people they aren’t even aware of.

Enterprise Search

Instantly find people, content, anything – in Jive and connected systems – with a few keystrokes. Jive’s smart search engine returns precise, prioritized results based on what’s important to you.

Intelligent Recommendations

Using machine intelligence, Jive proactively connects you with the people and information you need to know.


Brainstorming has never been so easy. Jive’s ideation module lets users submit and vote on ideas, then filter the results to find the best and brightest notions. Learn more



The world’s most adopted intranet, Jive delivers an intuitive user-friendly interface, personalized dashboards and individualized recommendation engines. Plus, it comes equipped with special capabilities that take participation, enthusiasm and engagement to a whole new level.

Quests And Rewards

Accelerate onboarding, incentivize performance and turn employees into company champions using customizable quests, rewards and leaderboards.

Peer Badges

Employees thrive when their work is appreciated. Peer Recognition Badges let co-workers acknowledge each other’s accomplishments and spur each other on to greater heights.

Engagement Dashboard

Track employee engagement over time and by department. Analyze user interactions and activity to drive higher participation and enthusiasm.

Rich Profiles

Jive goes way beyond the usual contact info and brings employees to life with detailed profiles describing interests, skills, contributions, organizational connections and more.



Jive goes way beyond standard analytics – giving you unprecedented insight into how people in your organization are really collaborating. Discover what’s working, what’s not and how to improve.

Community Health And Adoption

Measure intranet usage and activity. Track community growth. Monitor and maximize employee engagement. Demonstrate value to business owners.

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics give every content creator – from corp comms to ordinary users – detailed, real-time feedback on their reach, readership and impact.

Sentiment Analysis

Jive Insights Advanced is a new kind of analytics tool that provides data-driven insight into employee sentiment and behaviors, helping you spot trends, fine-tune employee programs and improve performance across your organization.

Personal Analytics

Every Jive user has their own analytics dashboard, so they can view their contributions and track their interactions in the social graph.



Jive’s flexible integrations connect to all the best-in-breed platforms your employees love. And don’t worry, you’ll stay organized even when working in your favorite external apps and tools as they continuously sync with Jive’s platform.

Productivity And Document Collaboration

Upload or create content in Office 365 or Google Docs, then share, comment and edit in Jive’s open collaborative environment.


Jive integrates with Outlook and seamlessly syncs with Gmail, adding powerful social context and collaboration potential.

Cloud Storage

Collaborate on content in Jive while storing it in external systems like Box, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 and Dropbox.

Real-Time Communications and Conferencing

Make your interactive intranet even more interactive by integrating Jive with real-time communication apps like Cisco WebEx and Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business Online and Google Hangouts.

Other Systems

Jive integrates with Salesforce, Jira, Evernote and more, surfacing information from those systems in Jive, where everyone can see, discuss and act on it.

Custom Integrations

With Jive’s robust REST API and SDKs, there’s no limit to what you can integrate.

Security And Compliance

Protect your data and ensure compliance with Jive’s iron-clad security.

Industry Regulations

Jive meets stringent international requirements for security assurance, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Jive has certification for compliance with ISO 27001, maintains a SOC 2 Type II report, and processes data in accordance with privacy regulations requirements such as GDPR and CCPA. Learn more

Antivirus Protection

Meet rigorous data protection standards with automated antivirus functionality that scans file attachments, immediately deletes infected files and optionally notifies you when viruses are detected. Learn more

Records Retention

Track the creation or updating of user-generated content within Jive and deliver it to external SMTP or XML-based retention and eDiscovery systems. Learn more


Search Jive for content related to specific users and export the results for use in third-party eDiscovery management tools. Learn more


No more digging.

See how to get organized effortlessly with Jive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We’ve got your back every step of the way!

Does Jive offer an online task manager for teams?

Jive’s cost-effective social intranet platform has essential task management tools that help your company manage tasks, analyze tasks and improve productivity at every level. We make it easy to assign a task to an individual or to a team without hassle.

Can Jive help with measuring success in the workplace?

Jive helps businesses benchmark initiatives, track progress and analyze results. A clear-cut comparison of “before” and “after” helps you easily quantify the success of your company’s digital workplace.

Does Jive offer real-time document collaboration software?

Our intranet solutions enable employees to store, manage and share critical documents easily with the entire organization.

Does Jive sync with external apps and tools?

Jive’s corporate intranet software offers flexible integration and seamlessly syncs with most of the applications and tools that your employees need.

What email platforms can be used with Jive?

You can use Gmail and Outlook with Jive for effective and engaging communication.

How can I use social collaboration tools to improve my business?

Jive’s social collaboration tools help boost employee engagement and improve productivity across different time zones and departments.

What are the key features of collaboration software?

The key features of Jive’s online collaboration software include:

  • Document and file management
  • Project management capabilities
  • Cloud-based storage system
  • Internal messaging
  • Powerful search
  • Integrated calendar
What can organizations do to make collaboration sustainable?

For productivity and collaboration to flourish, your intranet must be easy and rewarding to use. Jive offers this by uniting all people, content and resources; by igniting communications in every direction; and by turning a dispersed organization into a tight-knit community. Contact us to build a collaborative online workspace.

What are some examples of online collaboration?

In today’s digital workspace, it’s critical for people in different locations to be able to communicate effectively. Online collaboration lets everyone work together. As just a few examples, Jive users can collaborate on PowerPoint presentations, conduct video chats, brainstorm and communicate all in one place.

Jive’s PeopleGraph™ offers an industry-leading integrated collaboration platform for your digital workspace. Our software brings all your information, people and conversation into a single space. Contact us to learn more.

What is internal communication software?

Internal communication software allows employees to interact, connect, share knowledge and collaborate in a single digital workspace within the company.

What is meant by “turnkey communication”?

Jive delivers turnkey business communication—which means that your communication platform arrives ready to go. With pre-built pages, sites for employee onboarding, sales, HR, an IT help desk and more, you’ll waste no time building a communication platform—because we’ve already done it for you. Our communications software comes in a ready-to-operate package. Get everything you need right out of the box; no IT help required.

What is an HR employee engagement platform?

HR employee engagement platforms help HR leaders improve employee performance and productivity. Our personalized employee engagement software solves major HR challenges and increases employee satisfaction. Contact us for more details.

Why is employee engagement important to HR?

Employee engagement directly impacts employee satisfaction. When HR leaders invest in employee engagement, it drives productivity and reduces employee turnover. Learn more about Jive’s effective employee engagement solutions.

How can HR help increase employee engagement?

Here are 4 ways your HR team can increase employee engagement.

  1. Communicate regularly.
  2. Use an interactive intranet system.
  3. Encourage employees to use all available digital tools.
  4. Create formal feedback channels.
What is an enterprise social network?

An Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is a private social network for companies. ESNs allow for fast, seamless communication among employees, which increases engagement. Contact us to improve your internal business collaboration using the right enterprise social software.

Why is it important to invest in an enterprise social network?

Here are 4 reasons why having an enterprise social network (ESN) is important:

  1. It allows for streamlined corporate communication and collaboration.
  2. It lets employees share information and corporate documents easily.
  3. It builds a strong company culture.
  4. It increases employee engagement.
What is PeopleGraph™?

PeopleGraph™ uses machine learning to map the relationships among people, content and activities across your digital ecosystem. It understands your people—their jobs, their skills, their connections, their needs, their content—and it uses that intelligence to deliver any information they need, exactly when they need it.

What is the benefit of using employee directory software?

Jive’s powerful intranet directory allows employees to find coworkers based on their job roles, expertise and interests. Our people search directory helps facilitate seamless communication and collaboration.

Can we work with partners outside the platform?

Yes. Our enterprise collaboration software allows you to work with outside partners, agencies and contractors. Your employees can collaborate easily, boosting their productivity.

What devices are compatible with Jive collaboration tools?

Jive’s interactive collaboration platform is compatible with most modern devices including iPads, iPhones and Android phones. The Jive Daily mobile app gives employees access to your intranet anytime and anywhere.

Will I need to build special webpages when I sign up?

Our turnkey enterprise communication software comes ready to go with everything you need. With pre-built pages and websites for employee onboarding, sales, IT and HR, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly with our employee engagement platform. Everything essential is available right out of the box. No extensive IT help is required.

Is Jive a good intranet for remote workers?

Yes. Jive’s business communication software connects everyone in the digital workspace, regardless of their geography or time zone. Jive’s enterprise collaboration software supports remote work and allows employees to seamlessly connect, interact and share knowledge in a single digital workspace.

What devices can I use on Jive’s online community platform?

Our intranet provides a community platform that works with most smart devices. Our Jive Daily mobile app helps users stay updated with company news. Use the app to find other people, connect with them, collaborate seamlessly and increase productivity.