Collaboration Challenges in the Modern Workplace

Employees use a huge variety of tools – sanctioned by the company or not – to do their jobs. One study found that the average enterprise runs more than 300 apps. Another study determined that employees have to switch between apps every two to three minutes.

The negative impacts grow exponentially as more tools and systems are added. Processes and projects get splintered among myriad channels and platforms. Content, conversations and other information are spread piecemeal across an increasingly fractured collaboration landscape. Eventually, employees spend more time trying to chase down the pieces and stitch them all together than they spend doing actual productive work. It’s a hole many companies fall into. But there’s a way out.

Jive’s Collaboration Platform Changes How You Work

Jive collaboration software brings all of your information, conversations and people under one roof, where everything is easy to find, access and use.

Jive’s industry-leading collaboration platform not only unites all the elements needed to get work done in one connected environment; it also creates order out of chaos by putting all the pieces in context, organizing them around projects, teams and processes. For example, you can find all the documents related to a particular project in the same place with all the people working on that project and all the conversations they’re having around it. No more scavenger hunts and no more endless hours spent trying to assemble the fragments into a working whole.

Jive collaboration software isn’t confined to collaboration. It’s also a complete interactive intranet for up-to-the-minute company communicationsemployee engagement, onboarding, knowledge sharing, employee support and more. It’s easy to use, too, with a captivating consumer-style desktop and mobile experience that drives high adoption and usage.

Why Jive Collaboration Software?

Jive is a comprehensive platform, with a wide array of capabilities that make collaboration seamless, fluid and intuitive.

Integrated Collaboration Hub

Using Jive’s pre-built integrations with apps from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Box, Cisco and other vendors, you can easily knit heterogeneous systems into one cohesive collaboration experience. Jive pulls information and activity from the systems into a common environment where everything is easy to find, share and collaborate on.

Discussions and Documents

Got a question to ask? Want to brainstorm an idea? Discussions let you hash things out fast without the hassle of meetings, disjointed email strings and conference calls. Jive’s real-time document collaboration lets teams work together to create and edit rich content, complete with videos, images and tables, without version control issues.

Templated Portals and Pages

Ready-to-use pages, spaces and portals for team, group and departmental collaboration mean Jive can make an impact from day one. Business users can set up and launch their own collaborative spaces in minutes and get right to work, with no IT help needed.

Smart Search and Discovery

Jive is a one-stop enterprise search engine. Find people, documents, conversations – whatever you need – with a single search across Jive and connected systems. Jive supports the OpenSearch API, too, so integrating with other systems is a snap.

Customizable Groups and Spaces

Spaces for every kind of group, from entire departments to project teams, give users access to all the people, information and resources needed to get work done efficiently. You can even bring in external partners, contractors and agencies, while ensuring complete security and privacy.

Totally Mobile

Jive’s sleek mobile app keeps your workforce informed and connected 24 x 7. Employees can stay in touch with their teams, take part in conversations – even create and share content – right from their smartphones, wherever they go.


Machine intelligence proactively connects people with colleagues and information they need to know. Jive collaboration software leverages proprietary PeopleGraph technology to understand employees’ roles, needs and relationships, then apply this understanding to provide personalized experiences that precisely match their needs.

Activity Streams

Jive delivers personalized activity streams that keep employees up to date on their teams, projects and other time-critical information. You can automatically subscribe employees to relevant news streams based on roles, geography and more, so they never miss important news.

6 Must-Have Collaboration Software Features

Collaboration platforms vary widely. What separates the most powerful solutions from the rest of the pack? Learn about the essential features of advanced collaboration software in this free infosheet.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

We’ve got your back every step of the way!

How is online collaboration software used?

Online collaboration software keeps employees engaged, bolsters communication and boosts productivity.

What are the key features of an online collaboration tool?

The following are 7 critical features to look for in your collaboration tool. Your intranet should always be able to:

  1. Share and track all task and project details.
  2. Provide a digital platform to conduct successful cross-departmental collaboration.
  3. Offer a place for file storage with document versioning.
  4. Serve as a cloud-based storage platform.
  5. Offer built-in internal messaging.
  6. Deliver alerts and notifications.
  7. Provide easy-to-access calendars.

Jive offers all of these key features.