Communication is complex and getting more so in the corporate world

Think of all the tools and channels we have to use, from email and texts to the latest messaging apps and videoconferencing software, to good old-fashioned phone calls and face-to-face meetings. The challenges are compounded as people work across geographies, hierarchies and functions.

Corporate and executive communications are essential to keeping any company aligned, but people increasingly miss the memo as critical comms pile up unread in inboxes. Meanwhile, in teams, groups and departments, colleagues struggle to hear each other and stay in sync amidst an endless onslaught of messages, notifications and alerts. That doesn’t even begin to address urgent communications. Could your company reach everyone to keep your employees informed when it matters most? Many organizations can’t.

The Next-Generation Communication Platform

Those are a lot of different communication challenges, but the answer isn’t to add even more tools. On the contrary, the solution lies in simplifying and streamlining: using one system in place of many. What companies and employees really need is a central location for conversation, collaboration and connection.

That’s why Jive created the interactive intranet. It’s not yet another special-purpose communication tool – it’s a complete communication hub, uniting many forms of communication in one simple and seamless environment. Jive Interactive Intranet not only integrates communications; it gives them meaningful context, organizing conversations, messages and notifications around actual work processes and projects. And it separates signals from noise, using machine intelligence and personalization to deliver only the information that matters most to each user.

Don’t confuse an interactive intranet with traditional intranets, which are typically one-way channels for official company communications and repositories for often-outdated content. An interactive intranet supports all sorts of communications in one dynamic, people-centric system.

Communication Tools For Every Purpose

For Corporate Communication

Personalized news pages and streams deliver corporate communications in a compelling, engaging form that employees can’t miss and eagerly consume – even “deskless” workers using mobile devices. And unlike traditional corp comms, it’s not just one-way: employees can also respond, discuss and ask questions – driving engagement and understanding. Jive provides real-time metrics on who’s reading and how they’re responding, so communication teams can measure their reach and impact.

For Team Communication

Jive brings collaborators together in their own team spaces where they can work together on projects and initiatives, ask and answer questions, hold discussions, collectively create content and make decisions. Teams can access everything they need in one place to accomplish their mission.

For Executive Communication

Executives can easily create and publish their own media-rich blogs and deliver them to any audience— whether it’s the whole company, a specific department or team, or geographic region. Recipients can ask questions, suggest ideas and engage in genuine dialogue with leaders.

For Departmental Communication

Jive departmental portals provide a home base for departmental news and communications, ensuring everyone is aligned on goals and initiatives.

For Urgent Communication

Beyond everyday communications, Jive’s unique Urgent Notifications feature enables companies to broadcast time-critical communications through high-visibility channels such as text and voice – right from Jive.

More Than A Communication Platform

Jive isn’t just for communication. It’s also a complete collaboration platform, connecting people, knowledge and processes across the enterprise, with massive benefits for your business.

Learn about the key features no interactive intranet should be without. Download our guide as you search for the best intranet solution for your company.



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