Key Features Of A Modern Intranet

Not all intranets are created equal. Traditional intranets are based on decades-old technology. They’re essentially static websites and content repositories. Employees can access files and information, click links and fill out forms – typically through a very basic, unengaging interface. Because of this, many traditional intranets have become little more than filing cabinets and bulletin boards, with low utilization by employees.

Modern Intranets

While many companies are stuck using older intranets, the technology hasn’t stood still. In recent years, an entirely new generation of intranet has emerged, harnessing the latest advances in business collaboration, enterprise social networking, communications and knowledge-sharing. Modern intranets can help companies in any industry transform their business.

Connect People

Intranets should be a place for fluid interaction and collaboration — between individuals, within teams and across departments and functions. People should be able to quickly find collaborators and experts, get answers, form teams and work together in one seamless environment to make decisions and complete projects.

Increase Productivity And Satisfaction

A great intranet eliminates the frustrations and time-wasting effort that plague conventional fragmented applications. Employees get more done, more quickly. They’re more productive and happier. They’re also better connected to the company, its leadership and mission – which leads to greater alignment and engagement.

Break Down Silos

Intranets should unite people and information in a common environment, where everyone and everything is readily accessible. This includes information, content and conversations from multiple applications – like Office 365, Sharepoint, Yammer, Google Drive and more – via ready-made integrations. By bringing formerly disconnected coworkers, communications and content under one roof, a leading-edge intranet puts everything within easy reach. Employees spend a lot less time looking for things and connecting dots, and a lot more time doing real work.

Understand and Optimize Your Business

Modern intranets offer unprecedented insight into the inner workings of your business. Powerful analytics can help companies measure and understand factors such as engagement, employee sentiment, organizational relationships and interactions that are fundamental to success. Better understanding, in turn, will help you tune your organization’s performance for better results.


Intranet Must-Haves

Shopping for an intranet solution for your company? Keep these essential features in mind.


What Is An Interactive Intranet?

The interactive intranet is the latest evolutionary leap for intranets, blending the capabilities of many other systems – including traditional intranets, enterprise social networks (ESNs), and a wide range of other tools – in a greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts combination. The result is a complete communication and collaboration hub: a central place for communication, planning, sharing, learning and execution.

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