As companies grow, with more people working in more functions across more locations, all sorts of connection and collaboration challenges arise.

The larger an organization gets, the harder it is to keep everyone rowing in the same direction. It’s tougher for companies to communicate with staff, and for employees to communicate with each other. People and information become siloed, group cohesion suffers and employees may no longer feel connected to the company and its mission. That’s where a Jive employee intranet portal comes in, giving people one place to connect, engage, and become one united organization.

What Makes A Jive Employee Intranet Portal Different?

When we say “intranet,” we don’t mean a traditional old-school intranet, with its outdated interface, mostly static content, one-way communications and lack of collaborative capabilities.

The interactive intranet is an entirely new generation of employee intranet software. It’s a single, turnkey platform for up-to-the-minute company communications, employee engagement and onboarding, conversation and collaboration, knowledge-sharing, enterprise search, organizational analytics and more.

An interactive intranet integrates with external enterprise systems, as well, bringing information out of silos and into a shared work environment. With a contemporary consumer-style interface, it’s highly engaging and easy to use. It’s also easy to set up, manage and update: so easy that designated users and admins can launch their own group collaboration spaces without IT help.

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How Employees Benefit From An Interactive Intranet Portal

When employees thrive, there’s a good chance your company will, too. According to independently verified research on hundreds of companies, interactive intranets increase employee satisfaction by 38% and decrease turnover by 24%, while improving overall productivity by 15% on average. Those are big gains, achieved in a number of ways:

Faster Onboarding

Getting new employees up to speed using conventional approaches is both time-consuming and costly. It can take months before hires are fully productive team members with a full understanding of their job and the organization. Interactive intranets dramatically accelerate the process. They provide an immersive introduction to company culture, strategy, people, teams and workflows. New employees can get an immediate overview of the company, meet their colleagues, access training and policy resources, ask questions, get assistance and mentoring, dive into projects and begin contributing – from day one.

Recognition and Rewards

An interactive intranet is a place where people’s work and accomplishments are visible, acknowledged and rewarded, where people assist and encourage each other and bring out the best in everybody. Jive’s built-in quests and reward features enable managers and peers to give badges and acclaim for work well done.

Deeper Connection

Modern employee intranet software provides one place to get to know colleagues, stay up to date on what’s going on within the company, communicate directly with leadership and be a part of the conversation. Unlike traditional corporate communication channels like email or static intranets, Jive is designed for rich interpersonal interaction and gives everyone a voice.

Better Work Experience

Jive is a complete collaboration hub, bringing together all the coworkers, resources and information that employees need to get their jobs done. It creates order out of chaos by putting all the pieces in context, organizing them around projects, teams and processes. It even pulls in information and content from other systems thanks to pre-built integrations with critical apps and systems (e.g., SharePoint, Office 365, and Google G-Suite). Employees are able to accomplish much more, without the frustrations and obstacles that can make work so dispiriting in conventional business settings. The upshot: people get more done, and they’re happier doing it.

On-the-job Learning and Knowledge-sharing

Jive is a rich platform for on-demand learning. It provides the capabilities needed for formal education and training programs (such as continuing education, career development and management training), as well as informal on-the-job knowledge-sharing and mentoring. It supports engaging, intuitive experiences and anytime/anywhere access via desktop and mobile devices, helping ensure high participation rates.

Enhanced Support Experiences

A Jive Interactive Intranet provides pre-built spaces for HR and IT support, enabling employees to get answers to questions and resolve issues quickly without having to email or call a help desk. Easy-to-use self-service resources, peer assistance and one-to-many support deflect tickets, reduce staff burden and save costs. On average Jive, reduces IT tickets by 17% or more.

How an Employee Intranet Portal Can Impact Your Business

Together, these improvements lead to a happier, more engaged workforce. Companies that use Jive benefit from higher morale, motivation and cultural cohesion.

Their employees feel more connected to each other, and more invested in the company’s mission. Productivity is much greater, and crucially, so are revenues (2-4% higher at companies that use Jive, according to a large-scale, independent analysis).


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