When you hear the word “intranet,” do your eyes glaze over?

If so, you’re not alone. At many companies, intranets are an afterthought. Based on decades-old technology, with clunky interfaces and often outdated content, they’ve become a relic of the past. But while traditional intranets are on the way out, a new class of intranet is on the rise. It’s called the interactive intranet, and it combines many of the latest advances in business communication and collaboration, enterprise social networking, knowledge sharing and more, providing a single high-performance hub for employee productivity, engagement and communications. This new generation of platform is putting intranets back at the center of work.

Best-Of-Breed Interactive Intranet Features

There are many intranet products out there, but interactive intranets are in class by themselves. They come with a rich array of features that enable employees to collaborate, communicate and get work done more quickly and easily than ever before – from a computer or a mobile phone. 


While traditional intranets are used for top-down communications from the company to employees, interactive intranets support flexible, multidirectional communications: top-down, bottom up, group and peer to peer.

  • Personalized news pages and streams enable companies to reach and inform all employees with attention-getting, relevant news they easily and eagerly consume anywhere, using desktop and mobile devices.
  • Blogs give executives and employees a platform to share ideas, inspire and inform colleagues with media-rich posts.
  • Videos can be uploaded and shared by users, opening up a world of possibilities beyond the written word.
  • Urgent notifications can be delivered via high-visibility channels including text messaging and voice, ensuring that critical information gets through when every second counts. 


An interactive intranet is a central hub for collaboration at every scale, from small groups and teams to entire departments or enterprises.

  • Configurable collaborative spaces for teams, groups and projects. These spaces bring together all the pieces – people, information, content – needed to get work done in one convenient location.
  • Access for external contributors such as contractors, agencies and partners, with complete security and privacy.
  • Real-time document collaboration that allows team members to jointly create, edit and comment on documents. Content can be marked as official, outdated, final, etc.
  • Discussions for one-on-one or group conversations.
  • Ideation capabilities support crowdsourced innovation, letting users submit, share and vote on ideas.
  • Tasks let users move from decision to action by assigning and tracking tasks.
  • Event management enables users to schedule and manage events within the interactive intranet.

People And Knowledge Discovery

The interactive intranet doesn’t just help employees connect with coworkers and information they’re already familiar with. It also helps them discover people and knowledge they aren’t aware of but should be.

  • People discovery features help employees quickly locate experts and collaborators based on skills, experience and peer endorsements.
  • Advanced search capabilities find relevant information, content and places fast, assisted by intelligent algorithms that factor in each user’s interests, activity and relationships.
  • Intelligent recommendations proactively suggest people, content and activity of interest.


Interactive intranets offer unprecedented insight into the relationships, sentiments and activities that drive company success. Sophisticated analytics and easy-to-understand reports provide 360-degree visibility into organizational performance.

  • Impact metrics measure the reach and effect of documents, blogs and content, including sentiment score, views and shares.
  • Engagement analytics allow administrators to track overall user engagement and interactions.
  • Advanced insights provide an in-depth look at employee sentiment and concerns, identify community influencers and trending issues.

Key Features of an Interactive Intranet

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Interactive intranets break down information silos and turn a patchwork of distinct apps into a connected whole. Deep bidirectional integrations bring information and activity from external systems into the intranet, where everything is easy to find, share and collaborate on.

Pre-Built Integrations

Connect the intranet to office productivity apps, document collaboration, email, CRM, cloud storage, file sharing, conferencing, messaging and more

Robust APIs

Support a virtually unlimited range of custom integrations.


Get to Know the Original Interactive Intranet

Jive pioneered the interactive intranet, pushing intranets beyond their limited, content-centric roots and creating a complete collaboration hub. Many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations use Jive Interactive Intranets to drive new levels of efficiency, productivity, strategic alignment and employee satisfaction. Learn how you can do the same for your organization. Schedule a personalized demo today.

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