Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) haven’t kept up with the social business paradigm that platforms like Jive ushered in. They are focused mainly on the “management” part, resulting in being a tool that people visit once or twice a year. Alternatively they implement their own social elements, diminishing your investment in Jive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is knowledge base software?

Knowledge base software allows you to create a self-serve online library of information. The knowledge base software integration for Jive lets you leverage knowledge base content, including quizzes, HD videos and online training pieces, all without leaving your intranet platform.

Can I share files, documents and images in the Jive enterprise collaboration network?

Absolutely! Jive’s enterprise collaboration system provides for seamless collaboration across the organization. We enable employees to create, share, store and revise documents and information on a single platform. Powered by our AI-driven PeopleGraph™ technology, Jive helps employees find people, places and content with personalized results.

What kinds of mobile workforce tools do I need?

In today’s environment, many companies have embraced the mobile workforce. Before purchasing a tool, take a moment to understand your business’s requirements. Jive offers integrated intranet portal software that connects all employees in one place. Work uninterrupted from anywhere, at any time. All mobile workers can find their coworkers, connect, collaborate, share information and retrieve documents quickly in your digital workplace.

Why should I use artificial intelligence and machine learning for business?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can transform businesses of all sizes by improving productivity, enhancing employee efficiency, increasing sales volume and streamlining HR-related functions. Jive uses machine learning to deliver advanced enterprise social software that connects all employees in one place. Our AI-driven PeopleGraph™ technology maps relationships among people, content and activities to facilitate seamless collaboration at every level, maximizing productivity.

What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is an AI-based application that uses data to learn and improve its processes. Jive uses machine learning to deliver personalized experiences. Our corporate communication tools understand employee needs based on employees’ job roles, skills and relationships. Our platform helps employees find the right people, information and documents, anytime and anywhere.

What is machine learning, and how does it work?

Machine learning is a data analytics technique in which computers “learn” directly from data without relying on a predetermined model. At Jive, our employee communication software leverages machine learning to improve collaboration. We bring people closer by helping them connect, communicate and collaborate easily.

How will machine learning change my organization?

Machine learning, which powers our custom corporate communication tools, meets a variety of needs. It helps your business manage a distributed workforce, improves internal communication and enhances collaboration across geographies. We help your employees find the people, content and documents they need to do their job efficiently.

How can you harness the power of machine learning and use data to make better decisions?

At Jive, we leverage the power of machine learning to drive operational efficiency within organizations. In the present digital workspace, employees work remotely from different parts of the world, using various tools and systems based on their job roles. With a user-friendly intranet platform, we bring everyone into one digital workplace. When you use our AI-driven enterprise business software, businesses are better equipped to make the right informed decision that enhances productivity and facilitates organizational growth.

Can human and machine intelligence work together and evolve with the way businesses operate?

The good news is, it’s already happening! Businesses these days prefer enterprise software powered by machine intelligence. At Jive, we offer AI-driven collaboration tools that understand people based on their work, interest, and user behavior and creates a personalized experience on the platform. By providing the right tools, we help employees connect and collaborate with the right person, share and save important files, plan and execute their tasks, and drive productivity across the organization.