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Interactive Intranet Software for Enterprise Social Collaboration

What is an interactive intranet? Discover the place where real collaboration happens, where corporate knowledge is shared and remembered, and work gets done smarter and faster than ever before.

What if intranets could do a lot more than just push company communications down to employees? What if your intranet was a hub where everybody could connect with the people, information and tools they need to get their jobs done? What if it united your essential apps and systems in one great collaborative experience? What if it made employees more productive, more engaged and happier?

That’s an interactive intranet.


You know what an intranet is, right? It’s how you push information down to employees, basically a one-way flow, you to them. When your employees need to communicate with you or each other, they use email, phone calls, meetings, Word, PowerPoint, you get the idea. Meanwhile, your intranet just sits there not doing a whole lot of anything really.

The real work that keeps your company running gets done down here, using this and that and this and this, all disconnected apps that make your people ping-pong between them, wasting time and causing distractions and frustration.

That’s an interactive intranet, and that’s Jive.

It’s a virtual space where people collaborate on projects, ask questions, exchange ideas, where you can communicate with employees, and they can communicate with you and each other. It’s where corporate knowledge is shared and saved in a way that everyone can find and use it, instead of being hidden away in silos, email and people’s heads so, when employees leave, your corporate doesn’t drive off with them. Plus, Jive eliminates the frustration of working across multiple disconnected apps.

Email, it’s in Jive. Salesforce records, Google Documents, Office 365 content, it’s all in one place. Easy to find and easy to work with. Your employees can use Jive anywhere, whether they’re at their desk or on the go. So do you want your employees to actually use your intranet? How does a 15% increase in productivity sound? 24% less turnover? 38% higher job satisfaction? That’s an interactive intranet. That’s Jive.