Create Surveys, Forms, Polls & Quizzes In Jive

Create rich, multi-question surveys, forms, polls and quizzes for your Jive Interactive Intranet. Engage and educate your employees, gather feedback and ideas, and drive your audiences to deeper content pages.

TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls provides a single solution to create:

  • Surveys for measurement and feedback.
  • Forms to capture data directly to Excel.
  • Polls to gather opinions.
  • Quizzes with scoring to test knowledge. It’s learning and development made easy.

A feature-rich yet simple interface makes it easy for you to design surveys, forms and polls with multiple questions, ending messages and advanced skip logic.  You can segment your audience, capture data and deliver highly relevant content.


Compelling Content and Interactions

  • Rich content: engage and inform audiences with multi-question, image-filled polls and surveys.
  • Easy-to-configure learning modules: test knowledge through quiz scoring and instant pass/fail messages.
  • Integrated experience: easily embed TemboSocial tiles to share surveys, forms and polls directly on Jive collaboration pages, and capture responses in Jive intranets.
  • Multiple participation options: configure surveys, forms and polls for anonymous participation or automatic collection of Jive profile data (name, email, department, etc.).
  • Detailed reporting & analytics: analyze real-time results right from Jive, with built-in filtering across questions, dates, geographies and languages.

Rich Images, Inline and Popup Publishing Options

Make your communications more compelling with image-driven questions. Image polls and surveys open a world of possibilities.

Choose between inline or popup surveys, forms and polls. Create immersive, dynamic experiences to better engage employees.

Deep Integration With Jive

Administration and analytics are fully integrated with Jive, and user profile data is passed directly to reporting. You can post surveys, forms, polls and quizzes to Jive newsfeeds and activity streams, leveraging the social features of Jive to drive participation.

See How It Works

See for yourself how easy it is to create and manage surveys, polls, quizzes and custom forms in your Jive intranet or customer community. Collect feedback, heighten engagement and drive participation. Analyze the results to better understand your audiences. Watch the video to learn how.

TemboSocial was one of the most successful tactics for us in this Blue Water campaign. In the first day we had over 10,000 people take the quiz. I’ve never seen numbers like that.

Lynn Patterson // Director of Corporate Responsibility, RBC

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