As companies grow, so do challenges around communication,
collaboration and employee engagement.

Employees work in offices, at home and away from desks altogether. They work in different teams and different tools. They’re disconnected geographically, organizationally and technologically.  At one time, traditional intranet software seemed to offer a solution. Unfortunately, intranets using that software haven’t aged well, and have become little more than dusty content repositories that few employees use. That’s where Jive Interactive Intranet software comes in. Jive is a new kind of intranet software solution, providing the modern collaboration capabilities today’s businesses need – and giving people one place to connect, engage and accomplish things together that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do alone.

The Evolution Of Intranet Software

Traditional Software For Intranets

A traditional intranet is like a website inside of a company that provides employees with essential information, announcements and policies.

  • Internal communication on these intranets is typically one-way and top-down. Companies post information and employees passively consume it.
  • Interaction is very limited, with little or no way to have conversations, share ideas, collaborate on projects and make collective decisions.
  • Outdated interfaces are difficult to use and don’t support a wide range of engaging, media-rich experiences.
  • Traditional intranet software is difficult to modify and update, requiring expensive IT and web development resources.

The result is increasingly outdated, underutilized intranets that really don’t contribute to productivity, innovation or agility within the organization.  

Pearson Uses An Interactive Intranet To Engage And Align Employees

Pearson replaced more than 100 separate intranets with a single Jive-powered intranet that connects tens of thousands of employees in more than 70 countries.

It quickly became the center of company culture – a place for learning, news and open dialogue between and among executives and employees. “It really transformed how people feel about working at Pearson,” says Pearson’s Global Community Director Kim England.

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Features And Capabilities Of Jive Interactive Intranet Software

Align Your Workforce With High-Impact Corporate And Executive Communications

Keep your workforce informed and aligned with compelling, personalized news pages and announcements that everyone sees and consumes – even remote and deskless workers. Go beyond one-way communication and enable real give-and-take between the company and employees that builds understanding and buy-in.     

Save Time And Stress With Pre-Built Portals And Pages

Our next-generation intranet software comes with ready-made pages, spaces and portals for employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR, IT help desk and departments. Employees can easily drag and drop to create their own landing pages, group spaces and portals, and launch them with no IT help.  

Increase Productivity With High-Performance Collaboration At Every Level

Jive social intranet software provides collaborative spaces for teams, groups, departments and projects. Employees have one place to access all the people, information and resources employees they need to get work done.

Make The Right Connections With Intelligent Personalization And Knowledge Discovery

Machine intelligence within Jive Interactive Intranet software proactively connects people with the colleagues and knowledge they need. Leverage our proprietary PeopleGraph technology to understand people’s roles, needs and relationships.

Seamless Integrations With The Apps You Depend On

Jive Interactive Intranet software brings information and activity from external systems into a common environment where everything is easy to find, share and collaborate on. Out-of-the-box integrations let you connect the apps you depend on, such as Microsoft Office 365Google, Salesforce and more. Jive bridges your IT infrastructure and breaks downs silos, providing cohesive collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices.

Stay Connected On The Go

An engaging mobile experience keeps your workforce informed, connected and productive on the go. Jive Interactive Intranet’s sleek mobile app brings together the best of user experience and functionality to bring you the full power of Jive, anytime and anywhere.

Stellar Employee Support

Jive Interactive Intranet software provides great peer-to-peer support and self-service experiences. Employees can get answers and resolve IT and HR  issues fast, offloading your staff, deflecting help desk tickets and cutting costs.

Who Can Benefit From Jive Intranet Software

Companies of all sizes leverage Jive’s best-in-class intranet platform features to reap big benefits. With robust security and compliance features, Jive meets the stringent security, privacy and availability requirements of regulated industries, including financial services, government and healthcare. Many of the world’s best-known and most successful businesses depend on Jive to get work done and engage their employees.

The Impact Of Using Jive Interactive Intranet Software

Jive Interactive Intranet software delivers massive, measurable business value.


Increase In Employee Productivity


Increase In Employee Satisfaction


Fewer Support Tickets

Average results from hundreds of Jive customers, verified by independent researchers

Top Companies Use Jive Intranet Software

Jive is the industry’s leading intranet and collaboration hub software. With nearly two decades of experience, 700-plus customers worldwide and more than 4 million global users, Jive Intranet software is used by:  

  • 100 financial services institutions
  • 140 service organizations
  • 25 U.S. government agencies
  • 4 of the 10 largest U.S. tech companies
  • 5 of the world’s top automakers
  • The world’s largest airline
  • The second largest insurance agency in the world
  • America’s largest healthcare system
  • The 4th largest bank in the U.S.
  • The largest U.S. wireless telecom provider

Commvault Re-Engaged Employees With An Interactive Intranet

Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery and data management, replaced an outdated SharePoint intranet with Jive. In less than a year, staff was better-connected to management, the company’s mission and each other — leading to better business processes, improved collaboration and higher employee satisfaction.

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Implementing Jive Interactive Intranet Software Is Easy

Jive Interactive Intranet software is a turnkey out-of-the-box intranet solution that doesn’t require specialized expertise to set up, manage or use. You can configure a next-generation intranet in days or weeks and deploy it right out of the cloud. Updates are automatic, and it even comes with gorgeous ready-to-use sites, portals, spaces and pages for your departments and business users.

On top of that, we have the industry’s most experienced professional services team to help you get the most out of your intranet investment. From planning a successful launch to driving adoption and engagement, optimizing use cases and maximizing business results, our experts are there for you.


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