As businesses grow, so do the challenges of connection and collaboration.

Companies need a way to keep employees aligned, enable fast, efficient work and share knowledge and expertise. With everyone working in so many different places, using countless tools, it can be hard to get business done. People, information and systems are fragmented. That’s where Jive’s Interactive Intranet solution comes in, giving people one place to connect, engage and do great things — together.

What Can Best-In-Class Business Intranet Software Do?

Jive offers the first interactive intranet, providing a complete collaboration hub for businesses. With years of serving leading companies around the world in every industry, it’s designed to solve real-world business problems and deliver needle-moving results. On top of all that, it has industry-leading security and compliance features.

Corporate Communications

Keep your entire organization informed and aligned 24×7 with a Jive Interactive Intranet, while simplifying collaboration and boosting productivity. Our next-generation business intranet solution allows you to:

  • Reach your staff wherever and however they work, with media-rich communications they can’t ignore.
  • Spark authentic conversations that get everyone engaged in the company.
  • Measure the impact of internal communications in real time.

Human Resources

Boost employee engagement and job satisfaction like never before using an interactive intranet. You can:

  • Cut down onboarding time.
  • Increase retention and reduce turnover.
  • Bring company culture to life for your whole workforce.
  • Unleash mentoring and on-the-job learning opportunities.
  • Improve HR support for employees.

Information Technology

Replace or modernize your outdated intranet with a business intranet solution people really love – all while slashing costs, reducing IT workload and enhancing other applications, like Office 365.

  • Access an out-of-the-box, cloud-based intranet that’s quick and easy to configure, launch and maintain.
  • Implement a tool with consumer-quality, personalized browser and mobile experiences that drive usage and engagement.
  • Get a better return on existing IT investments. Bring unified, frictionless collaboration to O365 and SharePoint.
  • Reduce IT Help Desk costs through easy-to-use self-help solutions and peer-based assistance.

Jive: The Essential Intranet Solution For Businesses – Features and Capabilities

A Jive Interactive Intranet offers the most comprehensive collaboration and communication solution ever — a turnkey platform that drives productivity, engagement and knowledge sharing across your workforce and your enterprise.

Impactful, media-rich corporate communications

Keep employees up-to-speed with compelling, personalized news pages and announcements they’ll eagerly to consume whether they’re in the office or not. Our business intranet solution isn’t just a one-way and top-down communication platform. It enables authentic give and take between the company and employees.

A unified work hub

Connect all your apps and tools together in a common environment where everything is easy to find, share and collaborate on. With Jive’s, ready-to-deploy integrations, you can connect the systems and apps you depend on: Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and more. Employees can work in their favorite apps and stay connected in Jive, or edit documents and information right in our platform.

Supercharged collaboration for everyone

Enable collaboration at every level: team, departmental, enterprise-wide – even with outside partners and contractors. Jive makes it really easy to assemble teams and gather them in collaborative spaces that include all the people, information and resources they need to get work done.

Out-of-the-box portals and pages

Growing companies need to be agile and effective. Our business intranet solution offers ready-made pages, spaces and portals for human resources, IT help desk, sales enablement and other departments. Launch them in hours without any support from IT.  

Go completely mobile

A captivating mobile experience keeps your workforce informed, connected and productive on the go. Jive’s easy-to-use mobile intranet app allows employees to get work done wherever they are.  

Personalized experiences

Machine intelligence proactively connects people with the colleagues and the knowledge they need to know. Leverage Jive’s unique PeopleGraph technology to understand people’s roles, needs and relationships.

How Will Jive’s Corporate Intranet Software Impact Your Company?

Not all business intranet solutions are created equal. Jive stands out because of its ability to deliver needle-moving results.

Don’t just take our word for it. These are the actual numbers based on hundreds of Jive customers, verified by independent researchers:

  • 15% higher productivity
  • 38% greater job satisfaction
  • 34% less time finding experts and knowledge
  • 21% reductions in email
  • 24% lower turnover
  • 17% fewer help desk tickets

How To Achieve Breakthrough Business Results With Jive

The world’s largest brands use Jive to transform their business, support employees and share knowledge. Explore eight major ways that companies are using Jive to drive business.



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