A growing number of companies around the world are turning to SaaS intranet solutions as a more convenient and economical alternative to traditional on-premises software.

A SaaS intranet provides all the benefits of the software with none of the responsibilities or headaches. Customers don’t have to invest in infrastructure or software development. They don’t have to worry about maintenance and upgrades. They just access the software over the intranet on demand, paying as they go. A huge operational burden is taken off the backs of their IT staff, who are freed up to tackle more pressing initiatives.

What is SaaS Intranet Software?

SaaS intranets are hosted and maintained by the service provider – Jive Software, for example.

You may also hear SaaS intranet solutions referred to as cloud-based intranets, since the software is hosted in the cloud. SaaS intranets are great for growing companies that need a scalable solution and want to launch an intranet quickly with low upfront costs. Companies simply pay a subscription fee and access the software over the intranet. The provider takes care of the rest: the infrastructure, maintenance, updates, security, availability and scaling to increase capacity.

Features and Benefits of SaaS Intranet Software

A SaaS intranet offers many features and benefits, including:

Simple Deployment

Get up and running quickly when your intranet is hosted on the cloud. There’s no need to furnish hardware or install software. Just configure and launch it right out of the box.

Built to Scale

A SaaS intranet can grow to meet your needs, frictionlessly. There’s need to make long-term plans for new infrastructure or staff increases in order to accommodate growth in users, data or processing loads; that’s all on the software provider.

Cost Effective

Hosting software in your own data center means shouldering all the associated costs – from servers to physical space to staff – which can rise unpredictably over time. With SaaS intranet solutions, all of that expense and risk is taken on by the provider.

Minimum IT Lift

A SaaS intranet unburdens your IT staff by eliminating the need to maintain and upgrade equipment, apply security patches, manage upgrades and more. Your team can focus on other, more strategic priorities.

Automatic Software Updates

With a SaaS intranet solution, you’ll always be using the latest and greatest version of intranet software because updates are automatically delivered. Your IT staff won’t need to install new versions and manage the sometimes challenging process of upgrading.

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