AUSTIN, Texas  (July 26, 2023) — IgniteTech™, the company "Where Software Goes to Thrive™", announces the launch of Jive CoPilot™, a brand-new GenAI-powered assistant for Jive. Jive is a widely recognized Employee Experience Platform (EEP) leveraged by customers throughout the world, with an established reputation for helping millions of users share knowledge, connect people, and build culture and engagement. Jive was added to the IgniteTech portfolio in May of 2023.

In alignment with Jive’s mission to transform the future of work, the new Google Chrome Extension “Jive CoPilot” leverages GenAI to empower employees and help them uncover the information they need. Jive CoPilot uses summarization and Q&A capabilities to allow users to mine nuggets of data out of the extensive knowledge base that Jive customers have amassed over the years.

Jive_CoPilot_In_Action.png“Jive moved to IgniteTech just two months ago, and we’ve already launched an important new capability based on the emerging technology of GenAI in Jive Co-Pilot, illustrating our commitment to innovation”, said Eric Vaughan, IgniteTech’s CEO. “We believe as strongly in the future and importance of Jive as our dedicated customers do. Jive customers should expect great things to come as we work together to enrich the capabilities that global organizations rely on.”

Jive CoPilot employs enhanced search capabilities and ChatGPT to answer questions and provide summaries drawn from relevant documents. The combination of advanced search and AI-driven text generation streamlines the user experience, making relevant data easier to find and understand. 

Jive customers can download the Jive CoPilot GenAI assistant from the Chrome Web Store and start using it immediately on Thrive, IgniteTech’s Jive-based community platform. IgniteTech’s Jive Support team is ready to help customers enable Jive CoPilot on their Jive instances, both for instances in Jive Cloud or Hosted-On-Premise (HOP) versions. 

The launch of Jive CoPilot is a testament to IgniteTech’s commitment to the rapid development of AI technology and its transformative potential in everyday work routines. Jive CoPilot, the debut of IgniteTech’s GenAI enhancements for its software portfolio, underscores the Company’s commitment to pioneering the next generation of enterprise software solutions.



Jive is a leading Employee Experience Platform uniting people, knowledge, and content in a secure hub across mobile and desktop devices. It is an indispensable tool for millions of users and many of the world’s most successful organizations who depend on Jive-powered collaboration hubs to get work done. Part of the IgniteTech Software portfolio, Jive continues to transform the landscape of collaboration, making every interaction meaningful​.

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