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Jive analytics provide detailed, easy-to-read metrics and reports for community managers, business leaders and individual users:

  • Community Health and Adoption Reports help community managers track and maximize community growth, participation and engagement.
  • Sentiment and Influence Analytics reveal the behaviors, preferences and motivations that drive employee performance, customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Content Impact Analytics provide content creators – whether they’re individual users or departments like corporate communications – with real-time feedback on their reach, readership and impacts.
  • Personal Analytics help every user better understand their connections, measure their influence, and improve collaboration.
  • Intelligent Recommendations proactively connect users with people and content of interest, based on their preferences, their behavior and the social graph.
  • Data Export makes it easy to download community data to external tools and services for further analysis and business intelligence processing.

Community Health And Adoption Reports


How fast is your intranet growing? How actively are people participating, and how engaged are they? What parts of the community are thriving, and what parts could use some extra attention? Jive’s easy-to-use dashboards provide the fast answers that you need to increase usage and get the most out of your Jive intranet and collaboration hub. And you get the hard numbers you need to demonstrate the value of the platform to business owners.

  • Monitor user adoption and content growth on an ongoing basis
  • Measure user engagement and user-to-user interactions
  • Quickly identify and address issues such as declining adoption or low engagement
  • Analyze the entire community, or zoom in on specific departments and groups
  • Track daily, 7-day and 30-day trends

Sentiment And Influence Analysis


How well are your employees connecting and collaborating? How are they responding to your initiatives and programs? Who are the movers and shakers in your community, and how can you encourage them for better results? Jive Insights Advanced applies sophisticated natural language processing and contextual analysis to reveal the attitudes, interactions and people critical to intranet and company success.

You can track trends and fine-tune your intranet for better engagement, productivity and enthusiasm. You can identify your influencers – and recognize and reward company champions. You can stay on top of sensitive topics, spot emerging issues and address them before they become bigger problems.

  • Track the sentiment of the employees
  • Measure user engagement and user-to-user interactions
  • Quickly identify and address issues such as declining adoption or low engagement
  • Analyze the entire community, or zoom in on specific departments and groups

Content Impact Metrics


Jive’s Impact Metrics let content creators – from official communicators to ordinary users – measure the effect of their communications. People can see at a glance who’s viewing their blog post, document or video, how audiences are reacting and how to improve communications for better results. For example, when corporate communications professionals publish company news or a subject matter expert posts a blog, they get real-time metrics on readership, sharing and sentiment.

  • Measure the consumption of content, across the community and by department
  • Track views, viewers and sentiment on hourly or daily basis
  • View response rate: likes, comments, sharing and bookmarking
  • Identify top referrers

Personal Analytics


Analytics shouldn’t just be for managers and administrators – everyone wants to understand their performance and influence. That’s why Jive gives each user their own analytics dashboard, so they can view the effect of their actions, track their connections in the social graph, make better-informed decisions and increase their impact. By showing people the difference they make, Jive helps them contribute more – and feel better about their contributions.

With Personal Analytics, users can:

  • Easily view analytics in their personal profiles
  • Gauge the impact and reach of their contributions
  • Use the social graph to see the scope of their interactions
  • Track the reach and impact of key content types

Intelligent Recommendations

Jive analytics work behind the scenes, too, applying proprietary PeopleGraph technology to continuously improve and personalize user experiences. For example, the system analyzes users’ individual patterns to provide more relevant search results and automatically recommend people and content related to their interests.

Easy Export To External Systems

Jive Interactive Intranets generate a wealth of data on user activity and interactions, and you can easily extract it for further analysis. Crunch the numbers using your favorite analytics and business intelligence tools. Integrate it with your enterprise data warehouse to create a richer source of customer intelligence. Export is simple using Jive’s Rest API or Analytics Database.


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