Video Module Overview

Jive’s video module gives you everything you need to create, collaborate on and share high-quality videos in your Jive community. Whether it’s execs posting video blogs, HR distributing training videos, or subject matter experts sharing video tutorials, Jive makes it point-and-click simple.


Make your Jive intranet more engaging by enabling users to create, share and consume HD-quality video content.

Users can serve up a library of categorized videos and even create and post viral videos right from their mobile devices.

The wide-screen format is perfect for web consumption and automatically re-sizes for streaming to mobile devices. Users can rate, like, bookmark, add comments and even chat with who’s “watching now” using Jive’s real time capabilities.

It’s never been easier to create video, whether recording on a video camera, webcam or mobile device. You can upload videos from your desktop, smartphone or tablet, and embed them in Jive blogs, documents and discussions. You can embed videos directly from other sources like YouTube or Vimeo, too. The result is a rich multimedia experience, better-informed workforce and reduced costs on training and support.


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