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On Demand Webcast

IT Fragmentation: The Challenge of Disconnected Systems

While CIOs struggle to modernize their infrastructures and equip their businesses for the future, IT teams confront the immediate challenge of managing an increasingly disparate array of systems. That includes a disjointed mix of software created in different eras by different vendors, operating in different environments (cloud, hosted, on-premises) and designed to solve different problems for various departments and lines of business.

What’s needed is a way of reducing the complexity and fragmentation, easing the management burden on IT and providing users with a much simpler, fully integrated communication and collaboration experience. Join Jive Software and Red Hat for an on-demand webcast exploring how Red Hat, a $2B-revenue provider of open-source IT solutions, helped overcome fragmentation for IT with an interactive intranet. Mason Sanders, Sr. Manager of Enterprise Applications, will discuss:

  • The challenge of disconnected ecosystems that Red Hat faced before transitioning away from a traditional intranet
  • How they centralized all of their tools for employees under one hub, creating a consistent user experience
  • Specific use cases that highlight the improvements made to different processes with the implementation of an interactive intranet

Be ready to walk away with tips on how to become an IT hero!

Here’s a ‘question’ that an attendee of the live webinar shared with us:
“Not a Question: I just wanted to say that this is one of the best webinars I’ve seen from Jive – I actually care about all of this and think it’s applicable to folks at all levels of their community. Kudos.”

– Kirsten Laaspere, Community Strategist, Akamai

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