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Resource Kit

Federal Government Collaboration Resource Kit

Learn About Jive’s Collaboration Solution Built for Security-Minded Customers

Learn how new technologies can streamline collaboration and help Federal agencies and government contractors become more agile, cost-efficient and effective.

Jive’s upcoming FedRAMP offering consists of our collaboration platform hosted in the  AWS GovCloud environment. This certification will allow quick and easy acquisition, deployment and management of Jive platform for any agency interested in deploying a secure collaboration solution.

To learn more about FedRamp, and the benefits and details of Jive’s upcoming FedRAMP offering, Get the Datasheet in this Resource Kit.

  • Datasheet: Benefits of Jive’s Federal Collaboration Solution

You’ll also get key digital-migration insights from these useful resources:

  • Whitepaper: 4 Reasons You Need an Interactive Intranet
  • Customer Case Study: Nuance Communications Social Intranet
  • Whitepaper: The End of the SharePoint Era