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Resource Kit

Federal Government Collaboration Resource Kit

Learn About Jive’s FedRAMP-Certified Collaboration Solution

Learn how new technologies can streamline collaboration and help Federal agencies and government contractors become more agile, cost-efficient and effective.

Jive’s FedRAMP offering consists of our collaboration platform hosted in the FedRAMP-certified AWS GovCloud environment. This certification will allow quick and easy acquisition, deployment and management of Jive platform for any agency interested in deploying a secure collaboration solution.

To learn more about FedRamp, and the benefits and details of Jive’s FedRAMP offering, Get the Datasheet in this Resource Kit.

  • Datasheet: Benefits of Jive’s FedRAMP-Certified Collaboration Solution

You’ll also get key digital-migration insights from these useful resources:

  • Whitepaper: 4 Reasons You Need an Interactive Intranet
  • Customer Case Study: Nuance Communications Social Intranet
  • Whitepaper: The End of the SharePoint Era