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Resource Kit

Simplify Healthcare Communication with HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Collaboration

Connect your clinicians for greater efficiencies and better care

Clinicians struggle with numerous obstacles to delivering value-based patient care, including disconnected collaboration tools, difficult-to-use health record systems, and an inability to stay informed across the healthcare systems they’re affiliated with. Jive connects clinicians and shatters silos, enabling fluid collaboration and communications across every part of your health system.

In this resource kit, you’ll find:

  • Whitepaper: Why Jive for Healthcare Collaboration
  • Whitepaper: Ending Fragmentation and Improving Collaboration in the Healthcare Industry
  • Case study: Learn how a major healthcare network is improving clinical collaboration, knowledge-sharing and learning.
  • Blog Post: Cerner Enhances 93,000-Member Jive-n Community Using Ideation
  • Whitepaper: Trends Driving Healthcare Collaboration in 2016