American Airlines: Igniting Conversation and Understanding With an Interactive Intranet

Connecting Leadership and Employees for Better Alignment and Engagement

Learn how an interactive intranet is helping one of the world’s leading air carriers foster better understanding, listening and conversation up and down its ranks.

It’s tough enough for small and medium-sized organizations to connect and align people across hierarchies and geographies. So how does a American Airlines – with 100,000+ employees and hundreds of global locations – do it?

Adib Abrahim, Director of Digital and Creative Communications at American Airlines, says the key is going beyond one-way, top-down communications to authentic dialogue and listening, made possible by a Jive Interactive Intranet. Jive enables companies to “have a conversation with employees,” Abrahim explains. And when that happens, everyone wins. Employees gain a better understanding of the company’s vision and mission, and executives gain new insight into their workforce.


“I like that fact that what Jive enables is this unique solution for how companies can have a conversation with their employees. It’s not just about connecting them to one another. It’s about connecting them to mission, to the vision. It’s about understanding their mindset. It’s helping your executive leadership team know what’s on employees’ minds. If you don’t have something like Jive, it’s all anecdotal. But it’s really hard to turn a blind eye to comments and rates and likes, and to the analytics that come with it. And so all of that comes together to give a really nice 360-degree view of where employees are at and where you need to focus.”

-Adib Abrahim, Director of Digital and Creative Communications, American Airlines