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Chubb: Jive-n Helps Global Insurer Make the Most of Its Expertise

Chief innovation officer John Bidwell says Jive-n has helped Chubb create a culture where "no one is a stranger" and globally dispersed teams share knowledge and expertise with ease.

Bidwell describes how Chubb’s Jive-n-powered communication and collaboration hub keeps the company’s employees up to speed and in the know at all times



When I look back at our life prior to Jive, email was our primary communication mechanism. We had shared drives, public drives, local drives, a few old document storage systems, but really a complete hodgepodge on a global basis, none of which was really connected or searchable or otherwise accessible by our employees. 


One of the things that really stood out about Jive was it was very simple to implement, it has a very low IT and staffing footprint to operate and it was very simple for our employees to use.
John Bidwell
Chief Innovation Officer


And it really is the network that allows a global organization that’s really built out of a lot of relatively small specialty businesses and areas of expertise and centers of excellence to stay connected with one another.

The ability to force-multiply a small group of subject-matter experts across the world to be able to share their expertise, to be able to answer questions once and reuse many times is absolutely critical to our operations. Imagine a firm where no one is a stranger and you can always find people who may be an expert in something, can help you and you’re never behind the times. That sort of flexibility and intimacy when people may not be physically located together is absolutely critical to success.