Cleveland Clinic: Fueling Caregiver Collaboration With Online Communities Of Practice

Cleveland Clinic Drives Better Healthcare Collaboration

How one of the world’s leading healthcare providers uses Jive to connect and inform far-flung caregiver teams.

Cleveland Clinic has established itself as a healthcare leader not only in its home base of Northeast Ohio, but in a growing number of locations in other parts of the U.S. and abroad. As the organization expands, it’s crucial to keep widely dispersed caregivers closely connected, enabling them to share expertise, apply the latest best practices and function as a coordinated team.

Jive is a key to this effort. It powers Connect Today, Cleveland Clinic’s learning and collaboration hub. Connect Today is home to numerous communities of practice, where caregivers come together to get onboarded, learn from each other, stay informed and engage with their teams and with the overall organization. It’s improving the caregiver experience, and the patient experience as well.



Using Jive allows us to access each other’s knowledge and share that in a way we didn’t have before. It’s really fueling the collaboration that we’re looking to develop as a mindset in all caregivers.

One example of that is with our home care shared governance team. It’s a group of home care medical providers who obviously are not based in one location. They’re out serving patients in many locations, but they didn’t have access to each other; they weren’t communicating.

We set up a community for them and now they are sharing best practices. They’re actually getting to know one another socially, which keeps them more engaged as caregivers, and we’re seeing the benefits of that in their work with not only one another but with patients.

We’re opening a new location in London in 2021. We’re using a community within Jive to actually onboard those new caregivers and really start to engage them with our caregivers in Northeast Ohio, so that they feel part of our organization and understand how we do things, and also just be able to start to interact as well as access the expertise and learning that we have.

Within healthcare, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver better care while controlling costs. To do that, we need to harness all the knowledge and expertise that’s available within our organization. And Jive is really the key to making that happen.

– Emily Grimes, Online Collaboration Strategist, Cleveland Clinic