Cleveland Clinic Learns Faster, Works Smarter With A Digital Knowledge And Collaboration Hub

Cleveland Clinic Improves Healthcare With Continuous Learning

Hear how a world-class healthcare organization has unleashed learning and knowledge -sharing with a Jive-powered hub called Connect Today.

How does a world-class healthcare system stay at the forefront of its field? In the case of Cleveland Clinic, it takes a major commitment to ongoing learning and education throughout its ranks. That’s the goal of Cleveland Clinic’s Global Leadership and Learning Institute: to make the Clinic “a learning and performance organization.”

The centerpiece of those efforts is Connect Today, an online learning and collaboration hub powered by Jive. Picking up where the clinic’s outdated intranet, SharePoint sites and assorted learning management systems left off, Connect Today has become the core of knowledge-sharing and development at Cleveland Clinic, enabling 50,000-plus caregivers to learn on-demand and in the flow of work.

As a result, says Director of Learning and Collaboration Technology Irshad Rizvi, Cleveland Clinic is able to “learn faster, work smarter, innovate bigger.”


So our goal at the Global Leadership and Learning Institute is to make Cleveland Clinic a learning and performing organization.

When I started with Cleveland Clinic, all we had was a bunch of learning management systems, SharePoint and an antiquated intranet. And what we have done since is consolidated a learning management system to one platform, and introduced Jive. And Jive is really our core platform now for learning and for collaboration.

It originally started with our intent to solve for a problem, which is the learner only has 1% of time in a week to learn. So how do we make sure they can learn when they want, on demand, be collaborative in the process of learning – learning from others – and have a say in it: they want to feel empowered in their learning. And that’s how we started our journey towards Jive.

What we are doing is serving three things. One is helping to build our learning and performance ecosystem. So that’s not just about giving you learning content, but how do we help you discover experts, how do we help you manage your knowledge, especially what’s in your head? And then how do you get just-in-time support? This is where, when people need information, need to find someone, they want to find a piece of knowledge in the context of doing their work. So that’s one sort of use case for us.

The other is purely on collaboration. We think collaboration is front and center to everything we want to do, and we’re driving the communities of practice approach within Cleveland Clinic. It started really small and it’s growing rapidly.

And third – and this is a new buzzword in the industry – it’s called “learning in the flow of work.” So our thinking is, if we can bring communities which are working and learning components together in the same platform, that really is learning in the flow of work. that’s how we have positioned Connect Today [Cleveland Clinic’s internal name for Jive] to really be a core platform around that.

Learn faster, work smarter, innovate bigger. That’s really the theme of what we’re trying to drive with this strategy.