Cox Automotive Social Intranet Video

Cox Automotive consolidated multiple intranets and united diverse business units in one company-wide interactive intranet, powered by Jive.

Cox Automotive’s new company-wide interactive intranet, known as “Fuel,” brings together diverse business units and dispersed employees in one community for better connection, communication and collaboration.


We are stronger and more effective together than we are separately. That’s the promise of Cox Automotive. It’s why we brought this collection of businesses together more than a year ago. Until now, our employees have had limited opportunities to interact. We’re changing all of that today, with the launch of Fuel. What’s Fuel? It’s a new internal online community, one that merges Main Street and The Hub, and one that promises to empower us by helping us collaborate.

Fuel will help us work together in many ways.

From breaking news to on-the-job resources, Fuel is also home to all things Cox Automotive, with everything you need in one place for easy access. You’re not tied to a computer either. Fuel even works with your smartphone and tablet, allowing you to collaborate from anywhere. You can use it to find information and expertise to help you do your job more effectively.

Fuel is more than just a business tool. It’s a way to get to know your co-workers, next door or across the country. Use it to network and find others with common interests. Finally, by posting and sharing your expertise, you can get noticed by leaders and peers. We are all one company and now we have one community, a community powered by Fuel. Go explore and find out what fuels you.