Deutsche Telekom: Engaging And Aligning A Global Workforce

Using Jive’s collaboration and communication platform, a global telco leveraged secure SSO to improve employee engagement and make corporate communications easier. Deutsche Telekom replaced multiple siloed systems with Jive, creating the company’s first unified collaboration environment spanning functions, hierarchies and borders.


Pearson has 42,000 people across 70 countries, and that was a big challenge for us prior to us getting Jive. What we had was over 130 intranets. We had no way to find someone unless you actually knew their name, in which case you probably didn’t need to look for them. And there was no way for people to know what other people in the company were doing. We use Jive internally for all our employees, and it has basically replaced all our intranets. It is our place to collaborate, to do work. And it is our place to find other people, our global directory.

It’s used for all our corporate communications. It’s used for product marketing. We use it for group work, project work, for support, for global roll outs of other things like IT products. We also use it to support our sales teams, and they use it to support their customers. Jive has created an amazingly cohesive culture at Pearson. Previously, people didn’t know what each other were working on. Now they post into Jive and they can find out: “Oh someone else is working on that problem in Asia and I’m working on it here in the US. Let’s work together. ” And so our production times on products are much less. People find each other personally, professionally. It’s been a great thing for Pearson’s culture. People can’t imagine not having Jive.