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Deutsche Telekom Testimonial: Jive Communication and Collaboration Platform with SSO, enables Corporate Communications

With Jive's collaboration and communication platform, a global telco leveraged secure SSO to improve employee engagement and make corporate communications easier.

Deutsche Telekom replaced multiple siloed systems with Jive-n, providing the company’s first unified collaboration environment spanning functions, hierarchies and borders.


We use Jive as a collaboration and communication platform. It’s easy to use, easy to access, easy to collaborate on, internationally available and transparent. In the pre-Jive phase, we used different specialized enterprise 2.0 systems, like wikis, blogs and a kind of internal LinkedIn, which were isolated from each other. So users needed to register on these systems, and when they wanted to know what’s going on in the company or what their co-workers were doing, they needed to log in to each of the systems, which was very time consuming.

Jive is the first platform within Deutsche Telekom which is available internationally for all colleagues. They can build up the network, work together and really speed things up, like getting in touch with experts, getting answers to questions, using the wisdom of the crowd and collaborating in an easy way. Jive changed the way top management can get in touch with the employees in a very authentic way because they are all on the same platform, and communication or contact is just a click away. Without Jive, we couldn’t achieve the transparency that we now have at Deutsche Telekom, and it would be hard to get people doing their jobs as they do it now with Jive.