Jive Daily Product Video

The Jive Daily mobile intranet app lets you deliver company news, information and updates directly to your employees’ hands – in a captivating form they’ll eagerly consume. With this easy-to-use, go-anywhere app, your targeted communications reach every level of your organization. And unlike everyday emails and boring intranets, Jive Daily sparks real conversation and provides instant feedback on who’s reading and participating, so you know your message is getting through.


Every company has a strategy, but only 14% of employees understand it. Businesses grow when everyone, leadership and team members, are on the same page, moving together as one. When you’re sending out important updates, is anyone reading them? Responding to them? How do you know? That’s why we created Jive Daily, the app that gets the word out, sparks conversation and shows the impact. Your message is no longer buried under piles of unread emails or static intranets. And with live feedback and metrics, you know your message is getting through. Company leaders can collaborate on posts and publish just to the audience that needs to know. Posts are immediately delivered to employees on the go, with notifications that ensure no one misses a big announcement. Team members can comment, ask questions and share thoughts, so everyone has a voice. And the real-time metrics  shows you who’s reading and how they’re responding. With Jive Daily, communicate with confidence. All brought to you by Jive.