Jive is Employee Engagement at GoDaddy

Jive is Employee Engagement at GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, Auguste Goldman, discusses why GoDaddy chose Jive, and how Jive has become the culture-carrier for the company.

For GoDaddy, Jive is the “mosh pit of ideas.” It’s the place employees go for news and information; it’s where they collaborate and have a voice. As people connect organically and ideas cross silos, efficiency goes up and redundancy goes down. Watch the video, and discover how GoDaddy empowers its people through Jive.


Auguste Goldman: People are enjoying it. People love it. People want to go in there. And your morning cup of coffee? You’re going into Jive.

Narrator: When we talk about great places to work, we talk about companies like GoDaddy. They have 5,000 people working all over the world, but they feel like one team, thanks to having a single place where everyone can work together. A place that feels, in their own words, like a mosh pit of ideas. Connection, communication, collaboration, all in one place. GoDaddy calls it The Planet. We call it Jive. Meet Auguste Goldman.

Auguste: So I’m Auguste Goldman. Narrator: He’s GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, which means he runs their Human Resources Group. But we don’t call it Human Resources. In fact, we call it People Operations.

Narrator: Auguste hires and retains the brilliant minds at GoDaddy. Recently, his team asked a very important question.

Auguste: How do we engage all those people across our organization in a single platform, in a single marketplace of ideas, and do so in a way that’s fun, that’s innovative, that’s interesting, that reflects our culture?

Narrator: Okay, that’s more than one question. But they’re all vital. And GoDaddy, savvying the ways of attracting and retaining the best talent, has the answers.

Auguste: When you talk about people wanting to retain and feel engaged, you want them to have a place by which they can collaborate, which they can make a difference, which they can add their voice.

Narrator: And for GoDaddy, they’re winning and keeping talent through the social connection of Jive.

Auguste: If you want to understand how to reward and recognize someone, if you want to understand what’s going on in the company, if you want to see the videos of different events that we’ve put on, it’s in The Planet.

Narrator: But The Planet isn’t just a megaphone for HR. It’s all about conversations. You can connect one-on-one with your team, or with the entire company.

Auguste: The number-one thing I would say about Jive? It is not a platform to read. It’s a platform to be involved. I love the social aspect of The Planet. I love the fact that it’s super-connected when you @mention someone. You get the notification. You come in, you could make notations, you can bring others in. And what we’re finding is organic ideas crossing silos of the organization, are starting to live in The Planet.

Narrator: At GoDaddy, fun is part of their culture. You can see it in their facility, you can see it in the way they relate to each other. Through Jive, GoDaddy found a way to make their work more like their people.

Auguste: Jive is, for us, the mosh pit of ideas in our organization. Because, we have a unique and exciting culture at GoDaddy, and as we start to expand and build more offices, Jive is the culture carrier for us. Jive holds the culture. And anyone connected into it, understands what it means to work at GoDaddy, can give back their own values and share their stories and feel totally connected to each other.

Auguste: For GoDaddy, Jive is the place to be.