Lloyds Banking Group: Jive is Knowledge Hub and Collective Memory

By tapping the collective smarts of 80,000+ employees in a Jive-powered collaboration hub, Lloyds Banking Group is becoming more agile and innovative.

It’s hard for employees to put their heads together when ideas are trapped in siloed systems. That’s why Lloyds Banking Group turned to Jive, creating a central collaboration hub called The Hive. True to its name, it’s become the company’s hive mind: an engine of collective learning, knowledge-sharing and institutional memory. It’s not only helping Lloyds work smarter and faster – it’s also driving employee engagement and satisfaction.


Building a Knowledge Network

So we have a lot of other tools, platforms that we use and a lot of them are very siloed. So there’s a lot of permissions, a lot of people who can’t move out of where they’re working, a lot of teams that work in isolation without being able to branch out, and areas that aren’t able to bring in all of the expertise that Lloyds Banking Group has, and when you have over 80,000 people, that’s a lot of knowledge that you want to tap into. By having people work out loud and by having the things that they create be able to be seen by other colleagues in our group, that can bring other people into those conversations and into that work. So we’ve seen some really good wins in the knowledge-sharing arena. We’ve seen some great wins in support requests and self-service, for people to be able to answer their own questions. I think the ultimate benefits are that Lloyds becomes more agile, that it becomes more innovative, that it’s able to harness the knowledge that’s in the group, but it’s also able to retain that knowledge. So if people leave or people move in teams, everything that they’re saying is being captured and people can use that to look at that information, learn from it, innovate from it, and create better solutions. And our goal for Lloyds Banking Group is to always focus on our customers, and it’s about providing better outcomes for our customers.

Engaging Employees

From a people point of view, I think having collaboration in our business gives people the opportunity to
network, to reach out, to share their expertise, to grow their own networks and to grow their own opportunities in our business, and that gives them better career prospects, better opportunities. It allows them to meet different people, to learn more and share knowledge that they have across the business. I think that’s incredibly empowering for people, and ultimately I can see that really driving engagement, driving trust within our business, and driving authenticity in the way that we communicate.