MTG Revamps Communications, Builds Global Brand with Jive

By modernizing corporate communications and employee collaboration, Jive has helped international entertainment company Modern Times Group (MTG) build a global brand across 130 countries.

MTG’s media holdings span six continents and include everything from TV and radio stations to digital platforms. Creating a single global brand across all those operations was a daunting task, until MTG replaced its old SharePoint-based system with a Jive Interactive Intranet. In short order, Jive became the hub for communication and collaboration across the company. It’s helped build a shared sense of identity, and it’s improving everything from corporate communications to employee onboarding to sales and editorial processes.


I mean we’re an entertainment company, and we’re operating in 130 countries around the world. So the challenge for us was really that we only had a very basic SharePoint-based service before, which meant that we couldn’t really talk to our people all around the world. And what really triggered this for me was the fact that we were implementing a new brand for the whole of MTG.

We have hundreds of consumer brands all over the world, but we operate under one corporate umbrella brand. And for me, Jive – or “the Hive,” as we call it – was a way of walking the talk, making the brand function for us living our values and our beliefs through the way that we talk to each other and connect with each other. So that was the opportunity. It became the digital communications platform and tool for the entire organization very, very quickly.

One of the wonderful things about it is, people have used it in so many different ways. So our HR department uses it as a digital onboarding tool. Our Acquisitions and Planning department will use it as a way of collaborating on the purchasing and usage of programming content. And then if you look at our sales teams who are operating out of the office a lot of the time out in the field, they’re able to communicate, they’re able to share results, they’re able to look at best practices together. And even our editorial teams, where we’re working with news shows, are able run the newsgathering and editing process through the Hive and through Jive, which, again, is a great application.

For myself and the Coms team, it’s a wonderful broadcast tool. I can reach very quickly, from my mobile, every employee. We’re able to talk with each other and engage with each other. I think we’re working in a smarter way. And I think we’re being much bolder in our aspirations. I think life with Jive now is one where the light intensity has gone up enormously. So the dimmer switch has been turned right up and we can see much more clearly what we’re doing and we can talk and walk and enjoy our colleagues much more than we could in the past.