Pearson: Better Internal Communications, Faster Onboarding

Jive powers Pearson’s company-wide social intranet, replacing dozens of disparate systems and delivering huge improvements in collaboration, communication, onboarding and alignment.


So my role was head of internal communications at Pearson International, which is a function within Pearson. It was a very challenging role because the people that I was supporting were located across many countries, speaking many different languages, and we didn’t have a single platform or solution to communicate. We launched Jive virally across Pearson, and within six months we’d reached 80% of our organization, which was a a lot quicker than we could ever have imagined. We use it for our corporate intranet. We use it to get our work done. We use it to come together and collaborate across subject matter experts. We use it for projects. We use it for telling each other about exciting things that are happening in our offices. We use it for letting people know what’s happening with the weather. You name it, we use Jive for it.

Jive has had a real impact on Pearson. A story that springs to mind for me deals with onboarding. We’re able to onboard people into our organization so quickly, so fast and so effectively. We’ve also been able to align our organization with the new strategy that our CEO launched last year. It’s a complicated strategy and people have been able to grasp that really quickly through the use of the Jive platform. Before Jive, it was difficult to get your job done. It was difficult to find people. And now, you can just log in. Jive is always on. It’s always available. It’s on your mobile phone. It’s on your desktop. And it just makes life so much easier.