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Swiss Re Testimonial Video

Jive-n powers everything from communications and collaboration to innovation, knowledge management and event management among Swiss Re’s 10,000 employees.

Swiss Re Testimonial Transcript

With Jive, we undertook a tremendous journey, in terms of a kind of a transformation journey, empowering our employees to collaborate and communicate. Jive is being used on a global basis by more than 10,000 employees, in about 60 offices and more than 25 countries. With innovation projects, leadership communication, employee engagement, location communication, event communication. Even knowledge management and certain services are based on Jive nowadays. It has entirely changed the role of communications. It is now fast, transparent, inclusive and most importantly, almost real-time. If Jive would be taken away from us now, we would miss an integral part of our collaboration and communication landscape. It is closely linked nowadays to the traditional internet, to many systems; like document management systems, HR systems and even access and authorization systems. It became part of the woodwork and no one wants to miss out anymore.