VEON Aligns Multinational Operations With Interactive Intranet

Telecommunications Giant VEON Transforms Business With Next-Gen Intranet

One of the largest telcos in the world is using a Jive Interactive Intranet to keep its global workforce united, informed and engaged.

Amsterdam-based VEON is one of the world’s top telecommunication services providers, with more 200 million customers on three continents. With such a vast footprint, the company needed a better way to keep its widespread employees aligned and in sync with corporate strategy and priorities.

The solution was Jive, replacing 7 existing intranets and providing a central source for corporate communications, news, guidance, leadership town halls, learning/development and more. It’s where employees go to hear from executives (and vice-versa), learn about critical company initiatives, share knowledge, access HR resources – even find out about career opportunities at VEON. The interactive intranet isn’t just improving alignment and productivity; it’s also saving money by streamlining IT and HR processes.

Anna Kravets of Anrom Social Business, which helped implement VEON’s Jive intranet, describes the impacts.


VEON is a telecom mobile operator which is one of the largest in the world by the number of customers they serve. That’s actually more than 200 million customers around the world. The Jive community at this point is powering 7 out of 10 markets they operate in. They have selected Jive firstly because it combines classical intranet features like website, SharePoint-style [capabilities], etc., and enterprise social features as well.

The major use cases they use Jive for right now include executive top-down communication and bottom-up communication by employees. It’s huge as a knowledge base for the hottest topics in the company, like agile [development] and digital transformation. We are also making VEON a self-learning organization and Jive powers that, being a platform to aggregate all learning and development initiatives. It powers various events they run, from leadership town halls to internal hackathons. And we have also built a career center within Jive, helping HR to fill job vacancies fast.

In just 6 months after its launch we saw more than a 52% conversion rate of filling the vacancies, which saved the company around $100,000. We have also migrated seven different intranets into one Jive cloud instance, and it’s saving company more than $100,000 annually on their support and development.

The Jive community is helping VEON engage employees in a more efficient way. It’s helping HR to communicate corporate values correctly. Overall it saves the company lots of money. It’s improved their productivity and collaboration, and most importantly from my perspective it serves a real business purpose aligning [the organization] with their strategic initiatives.