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Bluegreen’s Jive employee community enables formerly isolated salespeople to function as one team — improving both performance and morale.


Before Jive, we had over 90 sales teams across the country that were extremely siloed and had no means of communication with each other. It felt disjointed, it felt as though we couldn’t give them the proper tools to do their jobs. People were doing different things in terms of pitches and communicating with customers. We went with Jive because of the mobile factor and the cloud updates that we were able to get with the cloud service.

Jive’s mobile capabilities, for us, were very important because 80% of our sales associates don’t have desktop access when they’re on the job. Jive supports our sales associates in a way that we could have never done before. The sales associates are able to access any type of documentation they may need, from sales information to HR benefits information to marketing information. Before Jive we would receive between 150 and 200 calls a week from our sales teams with questions about HR information, sales training, technology, what have you. Now with Jive, those sales teams are able to go onto the community themselves and research that information, and we’ve curtailed those phone calls by 75%. We have seen a 12% increase in sales revenue, a 75% decrease in the time creating content and maintaining that content, as well as a 29% increase in access to our sales leadership.

To see our community blossom from something that didn’t even exist to a tool that our entire department uses to become one cohesive team, communicate, connect, collaborate…it is a transformational feeling, and obviously a very emotional one.