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Chief Innovation Officer John Bidwell describes how Jive-powered collaboration is helping Chubb get products to market faster – leading to 8-figure revenue gains.

Jive has accelerated and improved product development at Chubb in a multitude of ways, from better planning to faster innovation, from more effective marketing to speedier sales. “We’ve literally generated eight figures worth of revenue from being able to push products out more quickly,” says Chief Innovation Officer John Bidwell.


We increasingly view Jive as the primary feedstock for our innovation process. We use Jive groups when we’re developing new products and services for project management. But we’re also looking at the activity streams that are coming through on a daily basis and using that as a means of finding the places where we need to focus our efforts and time: where we have products that may be out of date or need to be updated, where we’re seeing market conditions that may suggest a different distribution, marketing or product approach.

Chubb sells a lot of products, and we have a lot of underwriters out on the street but most have their specialties. One of the things that we’ve always struggled with is how, when we have a new product that we really do want to push universally and nationally or sometimes globally to our producers, we have a very hard time kind of coordinating a single one-voice type of message.

manage the quantitative measurement, how many prospects and leads we’re generating, how many agents we visited, what messages work, what messages don’t. We’ve literally generated eight figures worth of revenue from being able to push those products out much more quickly. A process that before was conference calls, emailing out PowerPoints, lots of emails going back and forth. No ability for people to learn instantly from their peers what’s working and what’s not and how to stay on message.