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Within months of launching its Jive internal community, Cisco saw the impacts across the company. Employees were more engaged and informed, and working smarter and faster.


It’s only been about nine months since we implemented Jive for our own Cisco employee community, but those nine months have been really exciting. First of all, as most companies do, we implemented with a very small subset of the organization having access to this community, and then word-of-mouth spread. We didn’t even have to advertise. We didn’t have to market. We didn’t have to push, or prod people to join this new Jive community. They joined in droves. And right now, we have more than 70,000 Cisco employees and contractors, who have joined this of word-of-mouth.

Today’s employees don’t need somebody to do the work for them. We now have Facebook, and LinkedIn, and YouTube, and all of the self-serve tools. So employees expect to be able to self-serve. They expect to be able to publish on their own, and to engage directly, rather than going through somebody, some official organization that’s going to do it for them. Jive gives those employees that capability. It puts the tools, and the power into the hands of individual employees, and as a consequence, we collaborate much more, we connect more, we communicate much more frequently, and we’re much more rapid in the way that we do it. Speed has become paramount, and we’ve accelerated the pace of business within our company because employees, all 70,000 of us, are empowered.