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Learn how a leading financial services firm freed the content trapped in a static intranet and opened up collaboration across the enterprise.


Before Jive, we were using an old static intranet based on Lotus Notes databases, which obviously didn’t allow collaboration or interaction. People were just expected to digest information that was on there. We’d also noticed there were a lot of silos around the business. People weren’t sharing the information and the knowledge.

Having Jive in the building, it’s opened up that collaboration aspect and allowed people to talk to each other and have conversations and share that information and knowledge. As a result of that, we are actually now shutting down and archiving our old intranet because everybody just wants to be on our instance of Jive. Jive is being used primarily for people to communicate with each other, to share key messages with each other. They’re using it in teams to be able to collaborate and work on documents.

Our bids team are using it as well, for example, to put bids and tenders together. There’s lots of people on there sort of sharing videos, sharing status updates, what they’re working on, what projects they’re involved in, maybe what clients they’ve just been out to talk to. And it’s just opened up the whole ability for people to have a voice. So everybody can say something, from the CEO all the way down to one of our executives. Everybody’s now talking together. It’s huge, I would say. Like I say, everything that I’ve obviously just spoken about, the allowing us all to talk together, to share ideas, to be innovative, to obviously take those ideas, take that knowledge and take it out to our clients, is just massive. And it’s obviously then helping to build our brand and our brand advocacy outside as well.

Well, I think the last comment that I heard from one of the users was, “Without Jive, I’d be lost.”