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Lafarge Testimonial Video: Cultural Transformation

With 35,000 employees in 60 countries, Lafarge outgrew traditional ways of connecting and collaborating. It turned to Jive – and turned its dispersed workforce into a single digital village.


Lafarge grew by acquisition. At some point in time we found that we were too big for the previous methods of meeting here and there and bringing people together. Also, it was a time when we needed to be more frugal, with less travel. And so we found the time for a collaborative platform was coming. And after a couple of trials, we decided on Jive directly on the cloud. And we have been very happy with this choice. We call our platform the Lafarge Online Village. We wanted to bring 60 countries and 35,000 people together like being in a village. And we have all functions in there: health and safety, supply chain, marketing, finance – everyone. Again, no function is not using Jive, they’re all in.