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Nuance Communications Testimonial Video

Nuance’s Jive-n social intranet was already humming along when the company migrated to Jive Cloud, delivering all the latest Jive-n features and automatic quarterly updates – making a good thing even better.


We use Jive as our social intranet, and we use it to communicate with our employees, we use it to collaborate amongst teams and share information among our employee base. We also use it to find expertise throughout the company and find subject matter experts. People that can help us get our jobs done on a day-to-day basis. Jive serves as our navigational hub, or portal, for everything that we do at Nuance. It’s the one place that our employees go to find all the information they need. If it’s a person, if it’s our global holiday schedule…it can be the latest resources for engineering excellence program.

Now that we’re in the cloud, we’re getting a lot of great new features. One of the most important for our employees was the externally accessible groups, which allowed us to bring in and collaborate with people outside of our company. In addition, we also were able to take advantage of Jive for Outlook, Jive for Office, that came with the cloud to allow us to be more productive as employees. To work seamlessly whether we’re in Microsoft or we’re in Jive. We were able to migrate to Jive Cloud seamlessly. The transition was smooth, we were able to retain all of our documents, our functionality and gain additional functionality. We were able to keep our theme, our navigation.

Jive has allowed us to work together in teams across geographies, across levels, across our divisions, quickly, easily, find the information that we need and find the content that we need. Jive is business critical to our employees. We use it every single day.